Patio Pavers and Matching Wall Stones for Your Outdoor Spaces in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo - Unilock

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Patio Pavers and Matching Wall Stones for Your Outdoor Spaces in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo

As you choose materials with which to construct your property’s hardscaping, consider Unilock for the highest quality concrete products with the look and feel of natural stone. These products offer a long life and incredible strength against harsh climates. Unilock also offers a range of colors and styles to enable you to maintain a consistent style with your home and the property at large. Choosing patio pavers and matching wall stones in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, and Waterloo, IO is made easy with Unilock.

Avante Ashlar Pavers and Brussels Dimensional Stone

If your overall aesthetic is high-end traditional, combining Avante Ashlar pavers with Brussels Dimensional Stone vertical blocks is an ideal option. The various shapes and textures of Avante Ashlar pavers create a unique product reminiscent of natural stone. With a flagstone texture and an L-shaped design for laying integrity, this paver will create a high-quality patio or walkway. With walls, outdoor kitchen spaces, or fire pits constructed from Brussels Dimensional Stone, the pairing works together perfectly. Brussels Dimensional Stone also offers a weathered texture, and the strength of the block lends itself to numerous appropriate applications. These units come in one standard size with a small tapered block available in most colors, contrasting nicely with the variety of sizes found with the paver. The colors also pair well; Avante Ashlar pavers are offered in two neutral shades, and the building units come in several shades to allow for a matching to your tastes. When choosing this combination, expect a remarkable finished project.

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Artline Pavers Paired with Lineo Dimensional Stone

For a modern home, the landscape should include elements designed to enhance the contemporary feel. This style requires clean, fresh lines and a minimalist feel. By combining Unilock Artline pavers with Lineo Dimensional Stone building units, you can create a stunning modern landscape design. Artline pavers come in seven different lengths while sharing the same width. These rectangular pavers create a linear, contemporary “floor.” The specialized manufacturing process ensures that these products resist both fading and staining – the color will stay true over time. The colors available include Bavarian Blend, Steel Mountain, and Copper Ridge; and you can also choose between a smooth or antique finish. As for the vertical building units, Lineo Dimensional Stone is a dream for the lover of modern architecture. These stones have no bevel; the surface is smooth, and the edges are clean. The blocks come in four sizes of rectangles as well as a pillar and pillar cap option. As with the pavers, the size options ensure that a linear feel is maintained even while interest is created in the varying lengths.

Bristol Valley and Rivercrest Wall

If your interests in landscape design lie with the character of the aesthetic, choose Bristol Valley pavers and Rivercrest Wall building units. The pavers have a moderate texture with a flagstone appearance and subtle color. The shades of Bavarian Blend, Steel Mountain, and Copper Ride resist fading and staining. To continue the high-end rustic theme, pair this paver with Rivercrest Wall. These building units are ultra realistic with the look of stacked flagstone. Whether you choose Coastal Slate or Buff coloring, the project will complement the paving stones while also highlighting your use of greenery. Change your landscape and how you feel about your home by choosing complementary paver and vertical building products such as these.

The title image features a patio paved with Bristol Valley in Steel Mountain, enclosed by Rivercrest Wall verticals topped with Ledgestone coping.

Patio Pavers and Matching Wall Stones for Your Outdoor Spaces in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo IO

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