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Laying Patterns Compatible With Promenade Plank Patio Pavers for Your Blue Bell, PA, Patio

Laying Patterns Compatible With Promenade Plank Patio Pavers for Your Blue Bell, PA, Patio

For a one-of-a-kind patio, you need exceptional pavers laid out in patterns that create the look you want. The Promenade Plank paver from Unilock is one extraordinary paver that turns an ordinary patio into a show-stopper. Here are four laying patterns compatible with Promenade Plank patio pavers for your Blue Bell, PA patio.


The Possibilities for Promenade Plank Pavers

Promenade Plank pavers are extra long (12”x4”, 16”x4” and 24”x8”) for a modern look that is popular with people wanting less traditional outdoor living spaces. These pavers are suitable not only for your patio, walkways, or pool deck, but also for driveways.

Promenade Plank pavers are a modern take on the classic brick shape, supersized and enhanced with a range of textures and finishes that make any project come alive.

Promenade Plank pavers come in a variety of custom colors and four custom finishes including two smooth finishes (EnduraColor and Umbriano), one rough brushed finish (Il Campo), and a timeworn tumbled finish (Series).


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Sizes, finishes, and textures can be mixed and matched for dramatic results and nearly endless design possibilities. It’s important to note that with the laying patterns described below, you can stick to one texture and finish for visual continuity and simple elegance, or combine them to create an interesting and unique outdoor living space.

For best results on a patio where people are likely to be barefoot, choose one of the smoother finishes: EnduraColor or Umbriano or the tumbled Series finish. It’s up to personal preference, but you may want to reserve the brushed Il Campo finish for an eye-catching border or accent.


Promenade Plank Laying Patterns

  1. Promenade Pattern: This classic running bond pattern uses same-size pavers. For a clean minimalist look, use one consistent texture and finish throughout. You can create contrasting borders and accents by mixing textures and finishes while still using just one paver size, for visual consistency.


For a dramatic look filled with character, use consistent textures in the main field of your patio. So, for example, you could opt for the smooth EnduraColor finish and create an “area rug” effect using the rougher-textured Series finish in a contrasting color.


  1. Herringbone: This classic pattern can be brought to life using same-size Promenade Plank pavers. For a cozier look, use the small or medium patio pavers. For an expansive minimalist look, use the large pavers in the herringbone pattern. The herringbone pattern is a fun opportunity to mix colors—for example three shades of gray—to create a patio with tremendous depth and visual interest.


  1. Promenade Pattern G: This pattern mixes alternating rows of different-sized pavers for a dramatic effect. This pattern utilizes the running bond pattern throughout. It begins with one row of medium (16”x4”) pavers. Next to that is a row of small (12”x4”) pavers. Then, another row of medium pavers. Next to that, a row of large (24” x 8” pavers). The pattern then repeats: medium, small, medium, large.


  1. Basketweave: This pattern effectively creates squares using several pavers. Any of the Promenade pavers will work in this design. For example, you could have three 12” pavers beside each other (long sides touching); next to that, you could have three 12” pavers perpendicular to the first set. Continue laying groups of three perpendicular to the adjacent group.


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Borders are necessary for structural integrity, and they are also an opportunity to add flair to a patio. For a subtle border, avoid contrasting colors or textures. This will make the space feel larger. For a dramatic border, you can mix colors, sizes, textures, and finishes.


The title image features Promenade Plank pavers.


Laying Patterns Compatible With Promenade Plank Patio Pavers for Your Blue Bell, PA, Patio


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