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Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Franklin Lakes, Medford Lakes, and Mount Laurel NJ

Landscaping Ideas in Mount Laurel NJ, Wayne, NJ
A landscape renovation is almost guaranteed to boost your curb appeal and bring an uninteresting backyard back to life. Incorporating some of these landscape features can add texture, functionality and intrigue to your NJ landscape.


Dividing a landscape into smaller, customized areas is a technique that creates variation and character. Building a few small patios, each suited to a different function, has become increasingly popular, for example. The different elements of your landscape can be pulled together by connecting them using walkways and charming paths. Create a seamless flow between your Franklin Lakes, NJ home and landscape by constructing your walkways from similar material to your home’s exterior. A contrasting material can also be aesthetically pleasing, paired with a border or edging similar to the house for a more finished impression. Concrete pavers can be used to construct walkways of any style, serving as a substitute for countless materials, from brick to natural stone.

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Organic shapes and curved lines

‘Edging’ refers to the border enclosing a flower bed, driveway, pathway or house foundation. Installing the edging in creative curves rather than geometric lines can add visual appeal and character to your landscape. Curved structures are beautiful both up-close and from the curb and can be accentuated by flowing water features and generous plant life. Swimming pools in smooth, irregular shapes are perfect additions to a tropical, resort-like backyard and can be paired with a textured poolside surface of bluestone and elaborate stone water features.

Outdoor seating

An outdoor seating area in an airy, well-lit location can be the ideal place for a midday catch-up with friends or a special evening with the family. These conversation spots can be nestled under a patio roof and obtain privacy from nearby trees and tall vegetation. Colorful upholstery and vibrant accent pillows are the perfect contrast to a serene patio built from understated natural stone. Built-in stone fire pits are popular additions to outdoor seating spaces, providing ambience and evening appeal to an intimate patio. These focal points can be circled by comfortable sofas or more durable wicker chairs, depending on the amount of protection the area receives.

Lighting effects

There is a wide variety of landscape lighting available to ensure that your landscape can still be appreciated after hours. These lights illuminate walkways and focal points while simultaneously contributing to the beauty of your Medford Lakes, NJ landscape. Various landscape lighting techniques can be used, such as highlighting, in which a spotlight is placed at the base of an artistic feature or focal point. Silhouetting showcases the dark outlines of dense features such as plants, by placing spotlights behind them, an effect most striking at sunset. Placing a large lighting fixture and glare guard in a tree and angling it downwards provides the natural effect of moonlight on your landscape. Illuminating pathways assures the safety of your family and guests and should be placed where they will not be damaged or cause injury.

Rustic and unrefined

Antique wood, wrought iron structures and untamed gardens are ideal ingredients for a rustic landscape. Note that perfection is not the point when it comes to these landscapes. Columns adorned with climbing vines and lanterns are both classic and romantic, while Unilock’s Brussels Block has an antiqued finish and rough-hewn texture that will add the desired time-worn look to any patio floor.
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