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Understanding Paver Borders

The edges of a patio, driveway, or walkway deserve as much forethought as what your landscape contractor will refer to as field pavers. Smaller in number than field pavers, paver borders are stunning in their own right. They can offer a stark contrast to field pavers, or they could simply denote the edge of your driveway with a muted color and texture that let the central pavers retain the spotlight.

The Purposes of Paver Borders

Paver borders are both supportive and functional. They are supportive in the sense that they should complement the nearby field pavers and fit into the overall scheme of the driveway, patio, or walkway. And they are functional in that they denote an ending or a transition, while also offering structural support to the smaller cut pieces of field pavers near the edge. They can serve as a marker to warn visitors that the elevation has changed or the outdoor room they are standing in is about to become something else. Here are a few other ways to think of the borders in your next paver project:

Guidance: Borders along walkways provide subtle guidance for visitors to stay within the chosen path as they navigate the landscape. The use of contrasting shapes, color, and perhaps texture is an aesthetically pleasing approach to making the way forward clear.

Edges of an outdoor living space: A large patio made of just one type and color of pavers could be a touch bland and potentially overwhelming in sheer scale. Large patios benefit from materials strategically placed that imply that one section of the landscape is its own room. Borders help achieve this goal by breaking up vast spaces and delineating distinctive rooms.

Security and safety: By clueing in visitors to the edges of things, these pavers can add a measure of safety to such features as pools or steps. Poolscape edges or changes in elevation are clearly marked.

Custom touches: While many patios feature a single border in a contrasting color, the use of a double or triple border can add extra depth and personality to your project.


Understanding Paver Borders

These homeowners livened up their mostly light-colored driveway and walkways with Unilock Umbriano field pavers and dark paver borders.  


Design Ideas

By using a contrasting color, texture, or direction, border pavers add customization to an outdoor living space and a sophisticated look. The starker the contrast, the more drama that is created. The change in color from dark to light or light to dark can bring attention to the curves of a walkway. A darker colored border paver can enclose a fire pit patio while also accentuating it. Look carefully at the Unilock Design Idea Catalog for just a few of the many border options in outdoor living spaces.


Understanding Paver Borders

The contrast in colors between these Unilock pavers helps to draw the eyes forward, right to the main door of the house. 


Achieve both beauty and versatility with the numerous design options that Unilock pavers offer. For that special extra touch, consider one of the popular border choices below:

  • Soldier course: Rectangular pavers are laid with the short sides together for a strong and clean border.
  • Sailor course: Rectangular pavers are laid lengthwise in one or multiple rows.
  • Inlaid borders: Contrasting borders are laid further inside the field pavers for a striking look. Inlaid borders can be soldier course or sailor course by using contrasting rectangular pavers, or by using the same field pavers in the patio but in a different pattern.
  • A unified look: You could also opt for paver borders in the same tone and similar texture as the field pavers for a subtle touch of class and visual interest.


As you contemplate how you may want to use paver borders in your next landscape project, Unilock can help. Our pavers were created with spaces like yours in mind and we have been on the cutting-edge of the latest design trends since 1972. By connecting you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area, we can help guide you based on your color and style preferences. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Understanding Paver Borders

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