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Ideas for Incorporating a Sun Deck in Your Kitchener, Ontario, Backyard Landscape

Ideas for Incorporating a Sun Deck in Your Kitchener, Ontario, Backyard Landscape


The design of the sun deck for your Kitchener, Ontario, home should be tailored to your needs and preferences. Many popular materials offer different aesthetics, and levels of strength and durability. Unilock products are made using the highest quality manufacturing technologies that will make your sun deck and surroundings a sight to treasure, while ensuring that the feature is hard-wearing and durable. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate a sun deck into your backyard design:


Extended Sun Deck Area

Water features are among most desirable backyard elements for summer because they offer natural cooling for the area. They also add a relaxing ambience with the trickling sound of water. Give your sun deck the added benefit of a water feature to keep the area cool while you soak up the sun. You can enhance the area further with comfortable seating, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen or bar. Umbriano pavers are the ideal choice for this type of project because of their natural granite look and sunny appearance. This paver offers a unique mottled surface that is non-slip, stain-resistant and absolutely beautiful. Umbriano pavers offer a versatile color palette that presents a range of cold, warm and neutral shades in different color intensities. Such a color palette allows you to tailor the design of your landscape by incorporating bold colors as accents and borders.

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Multi-Level Raised Deck with Steps

Layering your landscape with terraces and connecting them with steps can add structure and definition to your backyard. Combine different materials, such as hardwood or redwood, with Unilock wall units to create the look of your dreams. The location of your multi-level sun deck can be next to your home and incorporate an outdoor kitchen and dining area, provided it receives plenty of sunlight. Take advantage of the hardscape by including different rooms for alfresco cooking and dining. Lineo Dimensional Stone presents sleek lines and contemporary elegance that will create fantastic wall units, pillars, and steps to help integrate various levels and materials. Ledgestone coping presents a remarkably natural appearance that goes well with both natural stone and wood. This universal coping option comes in two neutral colors, Buff and Grey, and will match the simplicity of Lineo Dimensional Stone.


Add an Open-Top Pergola

A pergola can be used to create the perfect relaxation spot for a backyard getaway. Select an open-top pergola and add curtains or screened sides to create privacy, while keeping it open to natural sunlight and a gentle breeze.
To create a unique look, Unilock Wall Units can be used to create pillars that enclose the supports of your pergola. Rivercrest Wall, for example, offers the character of stacked flagstone and will match a wooden deck or concrete patio perfectly. Accent your Rivercrest Wall pergola supports with low walls or permanent seating enclosing the area. Rivercrest Wall comes in two subtle colors that can be further accentuated with lush and colorful greenery, such as vines and hanging planters. To make the construction of support pillars easier, Rivercrest Wall presents a Rapid Pillar System, allowing for the fast and accurate construction of pergola footings and pillars.

The title image features an Umbriano paver sun deck and poolside surrounds in the Summer Wheat color option.


Ideas for Incorporating a Sun Deck in Your Kitchener, Ontario, Backyard Landscape

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