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4 Tips for Low Maintenance Outdoor Kitchens

4 Tips for Low-Maintenance Outdoor Kitchens

If you own, or are considering owning, an outdoor kitchen, it’s important to remember that luxury outdoor living at home is not just about the time you spend with your family and friends enjoying fresh air and flame-cooked meals. There are also practicalities to consider that will impact the function and enjoyment of this particular hardscape feature. Low maintenance and easy-to-clean materials will ensure that you can continue to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for many years to come, and that post-cookout cleanups are quick and hassle-free. Unilock offers a range of such options, as well as excellent customer service to help homeowners access outdoor kitchens that are perfectly suited to their unique needs.


Opt for EasyClean Stain Resistance

Messes and spills are inevitable when cooking outdoors, so make sure that the pavers you select for your outdoor kitchen are easy to clean and don’t stain. Whether it’s BBQ sauce, red wine, mustard, ketchup, fruit juice or grease and oils, spills are no match for EasyClean Stain Resistance products from Unilock.

EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology from Unilock makes pavers impervious to liquids and substances that cause stains. With just a quick wipe of a cloth or paper towel, spills can be quickly and easily cleaned up without leaving a mark. Unlike stain resistance options from competing brands, EasyClean is not just a surface treatment, but integral to the product, meaning that the protective layer won’t peel off or wear away.

EasyClean Products are perfect for outdoor kitchens where most of the mess will undoubtedly occur, however, they can also be a huge asset for the patios and pool decks of family homes and homes with pets. In addition, EasyClean products include pavers that can be used for driveways, so mud, oil and grease from vehicles can be quickly washed away.

EasyClean Stain Resistance products include Bristol Valley, Senzo, Umbriano, and Westport Easy Clean, allowing you to achieve any aesthetic you require, while ensuring quick cleanups and low maintenance.


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Replace Patio Furniture with Durable Permanent Seating

Because of exposure to sunlight and rain, moveable patio furniture tends to rust, rot, corrode or perish over time, and can require high levels of maintenance, or replacement every couple of years. However, replacing your outdoor kitchen furniture with durable permanent seating will ensure that your seating spaces remain pristine year in and year out. Permanent seating can also help to reduce clutter and keep walkways and transition points clear. This is especially important in outdoor kitchens where food, dishes and glasses are being carried, and can help to prevent accidents.

Unilock offers a range of highly durable wall and coping units to create permanent seating that is both low-maintenance and luxurious. Whether you opt for the modern sophistication of U-Cara Multi-Face or Lineo Dimensional Stone, the realistic stacked flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall, or the rich natural stone appearance of Brussels Dimensional System or Estate Wall, your permanent seating will provide plenty of seating space and will last for a lifetime.

Top your permanent seating with a comfortable, safe-for-clothing coping option such as Ledgestone or Ledgestone Fullnose Coping, or enjoy supreme luxury with coping options from the Unilock range of Premium Quality Natural Stone.


Opt for Gas-Fueled Fire Features

While wood-burning fire features produce an aroma that is enjoyed by many, they also require more maintenance than gas-fueled options. Gas burns cleaner and does not produce the carbon residue that wood does when it burns. Gas-fueled options also don’t leave ash to clean up after hosting outdoor gatherings. If a low-maintenance and hassle-free outdoor experience is more in line with your lifestyle, opt for a Unilock fire pit or fireplace to complement your outdoor kitchen. Either option can be fitted with a gas burner that can be connected to a propane tank or natural gas line. As well as providing a range of wall units that can be used to construct custom fire features, Unilock also offers a number of Firepit Kits and Pre-Built Fireplaces for convenient assembly. Choose a Rivercrest Firepit Kit for a rustic effect and instant charm, a Romanstack Firepit Kit for a natural appearance and low profile, or a Sunset Firepit Kit for a timeworn appearance. For a more modern look, consider a custom-built fire pit or fire table constructed from U-Cara by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

Unilock Pre-Built Fireplaces include the Tuscany, Barcelona, Moda and Bella models, which have been especially designed to suit a wide range of aesthetic tastes.


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Expert Design and Construction

Part of achieving a long-lasting, low-maintenance outdoor kitchen is ensuring that it is installed by skilled professionals. Unilock Authorized Contractors have been thoroughly tested and vetted based on their knowledge of the materials and skill in the field of landscape design and construction, as well as their ability to provide high-quality customer service and support. Because of this, you can rest assured that an outdoor kitchen built by a Unilock Authorized Contractor will stand the test of time. A project conducted by a Unilock Authorized Contractor is also protected by a minimum two-year guarantee on workmanship, which is backed up by Unilock. In addition, Unilock offers a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee on pavers and wall units, so you know you’re covered. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today for the low-maintenance, smooth-running outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


The title image features a Bristol Valley outdoor kitchen and patio with Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


4 Tips for Low-Maintenance Outdoor Kitchens


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