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Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Materials

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Materials

Getting the design of your outdoor kitchen right has a lot to do with the landscape contractor you choose for the project, but it’s also about making sure you get the right materials for the job. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will be able to assist you in the design and installation of your outdoor kitchen, and ensure that the materials used for your hardscape are chosen specifically based on the kind of look and function you require. In the meantime, here are some tips on choosing the right materials for your outdoor kitchen flooring and vertical elements:


Dimensionally Accurate Wall Units for a Crisp Appearance

One way to ensure that your outdoor kitchen has that crisp, clean appearance that is so sought after in modern design is by choosing materials that have been precisely cut, cast, or calibrated, to ensure perfect dimensional accuracy. An example of a wall unit that embodies this is U-Cara Multi-Face, a wall system that combines Sure Track backer blocks for dimensional accuracy and structural superiority with the versatility of a range of Fascia Panels. U-Cara Multi-Face Fascia Panels come in a range of styles, colors, and finishes to match any outdoor kitchen design theme. As well as featuring the granite-like appearance of the Umbriano Finish, U-Cara Multi-Face Fascia Panels are available in a high-relief Pitched Face and a Smooth Face finish, not to mention a variety of rich color options.

The style and structure of U-Cara Multi-Face makes it ideal for creating outdoor kitchen grill islands and poolside bars, and providing additional counter space for food prep and serving areas. In addition, U-Cara Multi-Face can be used to construct eye-catching pillars, retaining walls, seat walls, and steps.


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Curved Counters

If a more organic, free-flowing appearance is something you’d prefer for your outdoor kitchen, Unilock wall units, such as Estate Wall, can be used to create seamlessly curved seat and counter walls for your outdoor kitchen. This design style is ideal for creating outdoor kitchens that are not just places for food preparation, but that are central to entertaining as well. Estate Wall is designed to offer the appearance of aged rock, so that the finished product is rich in charm and character. Another wall unit from Unilock that will allow for the construction of curved vertical elements in and around your outdoor kitchen is the Brussels Dimensional System. This tremendously versatile wall unit features a range of widely compatible color options, as well as a tumbled block appearance that is a great match for traditional, Mediterranean, and historical design themes.


Ultra-Realistic Texture

Rivercrest Wall is a wall unit that is ideal for introducing ultra-realistic texture into your outdoor kitchen setting. This wall unit is cast from molds taken from hundreds of pieces of natural flagstone, resulting in an ever-changing wall surface that perfectly emulates the appearance of stacked flagstone. Stacked flagstone has been a popular material for low walls for centuries and is a staple feature of English country design themes. With Rivercrest Wall, your outdoor kitchen can sport this attractive quality, while remaining structurally stable and durable. While the exterior of each Rivercrest Wall unit is uniquely textured and shaped, the units are precision cast to ensure a tight and reliable interlock.


EasyClean Stain Resistance for a Stain-Free Kitchen

An important aspect of an outdoor kitchen is its ability to survive the rigors of cooking and the inevitable messes that go along with it. That’s why Unilock proprietary technologies have been developed to enhance the durability, strength, and color of certain pavers. Of special interest to outdoor kitchen owners is EasyClean Stain Resistance. EasyClean enables messes such as mustard, ketchup, grease, oil, and red wine to be cleaned up quickly and easily before a stain has the chance to form. In addition, EasyClean guards against staining from pool chemicals and de-icing salts. EasyClean can be found in Umbriano and Senzo pavers.


Non-Slip Surfaces for Safety

Another crucial aspect for the flooring of outdoor kitchens is whether or not the pavers are non-slip. This is a safety aspect that should not be ignored, particularly in an area like an outdoor kitchen that can receive a lot of foot traffic, and where hot items are handled. Unilock pavers feature non-slip surfaces that maintain traction even when wet. In addition, a number of pavers, such as Richcliff and Beacon Hill Flagstone, feature rich textures that can further facilitate grip.


High-Contrast Accent Pavers

High-contrast accent pavers may be all you need to complete the appearance of your outdoor kitchen. Pavers such as Town Hall, Copthorne, Courtstone, and Series, are ideal for this purpose because of their deep color options, versatile sizes, and their ability to contrast lighter pavers, and pavers that represent the opposite side of the color wheel. Town Hall and Copthorne, for example, are brick-style pavers that are available in a range of warm reds and browns to contrast cooler colors in the hardscape, as well as a dark Basalt color option to contrast lighter colors and add bold borders, inlays, and banding. The Black Granite color option from Series has a similar high-impact effect, while Courtstone pavers can offer a varied dark/light accent in the form of the Basalt/Belgian Blue blend. These pavers can be used to create borders that will keep your outdoor kitchen distinct from the rest of your hardscape, unite vertical elements with the patio flooring, or simply add eye-catching detail.


The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Richcliff flooring, Estate Wall verticals and Series accents.


Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen: Materials


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