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Selecting Pavers to Match the Countertops of Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Cod, MA

Selecting Pavers to Match the Countertops of Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Cod, MA


From natural stone to ceramic and concrete, a wide range of outdoor kitchen countertop materials are at the disposal of both homeowners and contractors. These options provide an abundance of creative opportunities and unique pairings with Unilock pavers. Avoid the mistake too many Cape Cod, MA, homeowners make and choose the right set of pavers to match your stunning outdoor kitchen countertop by choosing Unilock:


Beacon Hill Smooth and Ceramic Countertops

A favorite of many, ceramic is a versatile, stain-resistant, easy-to-maintain material, perfect for outdoor kitchen countertops. Ceramic’s protective coating provides an excellent surface for any outdoor kitchen counter. Regular sealing will keep water and other liquids from being soaked up by this porous material. To accentuate the smooth appearance of ceramic countertops, consider Beacon Hill Smooth. This pairing can help to give your kitchen soft coloring and a contemporary feel. Beacon Hill Smooth can add warmth to the outdoor kitchen area with its earthy Tuscany, Sierra, or Copper Ridge color options or keep it cool with the Steel Mountain shade. Consider adding bordering to the patio with the bold colors of Courtstone to enhance traditional landscapes or add a unique touch to modern outdoor spaces.

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Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone and Granite Countertops

Granite is a favorite among homeowners because of its rugged elegance. It’s also one of the strongest stones available. Granite comes in a variety of colors and shades, but always presents a shimmering appearance in sunlight. This is because of the flecks of quartz present in its surface. To achieve the high-end glamour that does this countertop material justice, choose Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone as the flooring material for your outdoor kitchen. The vibrant textures of Unilock Sandstone can serve to contrast the smooth surface of polished granite, while the various grey tones of Unilock Limestone will complement a black granite surface.

Richcliff and Copthorne for Slate Countertops

Slate countertops are reliable and require less maintenance than most countertop materials. Slate has a very low porosity, resists staining, and can be cleaned with regular cleaners. You can add even more texture to the outdoor kitchen by combining slate with the flagstone surface texture of Richcliff. Richcliff pavers offer a random, natural appearance and are up to four times stronger than poured concrete – combining beauty and strength for a design that will last for decades to come. Consider adding Copthorne bordering for additional color and the charm of old-world European street brick pavers.

Granite Elegance with Umbriano

While granite countertops and Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone are a match made in heaven, sometimes a more uniform appearance is called for. Umbriano perfectly emulates the natural appearance of granite, right down to the quartz infused surface and natural granite sparkle. As well as offering the stunning look and feel of granite to match your granite countertops, Umbriano pavers guarantee a durable outdoor kitchen floor. These pavers have been specially manufactured to maintain their rich colors and resist the types of stains that come with outdoor cooking and entertainment. This is owed to the patented Unilock technologies incorporated into the manufacturing of Umbriano pavers – EnduraColor Facemix Technology and EasyClean Stain Resistance, respectively.

The title image features an Umbriano outdoor kitchen and pool deck.


Selecting Pavers to Match the Countertops of Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Cod, MA


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