Here's How Unilock Technology can Benefit Outdoor Kitchens in Boston, MA | Unilock

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Here's How Unilock Technology can Benefit Outdoor Kitchens in Boston, MA

Here's How Unilock Technology can Benefit Outdoor Kitchens in Boston, MA


For many Boston, MA, homeowners, the ultimate party-ready outdoor kitchen is the dream. But, once the outdoor kitchen starts showing the common signs of wear and tear and spills, the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. With Unilock technologies, these common outdoor kitchen problems are a thing of the past. The range of superior manufacturing technologies developed by Unilock translates into exceptional pavers for outdoor kitchens that stand the test of time, hold up against all types of stains and spills, and maintain long-lasting beauty.


Durable Outdoor Kitchens with Ultima Concrete Technology

Moving appliances around or adding new patio furniture can cause cracking of subpar materials. Poured concrete is especially prone to this sort of damage. Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology delivers pavers that are up to four times stronger than poured concrete, making excellent candidates for areas where resisting heavy loads and constant traffic is necessary. This branded manufacturing process creates high-tech pavers with an immense advantage over competing products. Ultima Technology can be found in Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff and Town Hall pavers. Use the naturally beautiful colors of Richcliff to complement modern furniture or add an authentic feel to your patio area. Offering relaxed elegance, the embossed surface texture of this paver adds to the ambience of an outdoor kitchen. The old-world, distressed appearance of Copthorne, Town Hall and Courtstone is perfect for traditional style kitchens. Despite their intricate surface details and chic appearance, these pavers are excellent candidates for outdoor kitchen flooring because of their strength and durability.

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Keeping Stains at Bay with EasyClean

Pavers such as Umbriano are specially manufactured to provide integral surface protection from stains. The protected surface not only makes cleaning easier, but prevents the immediate formation of stains. Use Umbriano to create gorgeous visual openness in your backyard. Link your outdoor kitchen floor with the rest of the patio, and extend it to the pool deck. This paver offers a magnificent surface texture that resembles the look of granite. In addition, the fresh colors of Summer Wheat, Midnight Sky, Winter Marvel, French Grey and Harvest Brown are perfect for adding a summer feel and bold accents.


Endless Beauty with Reala Surface Technology

With Reala Surface technology, your Unilock outdoor kitchen can be given the unique and incredibly realistic surface textures of flagstone, original street brick pavers, or cobblestone. To craft a convincing surface texture, Unilock utilizes these authentic materials to create hundreds of molds from which pavers and wall units are cast. This not only ensures a realistic surface texture, but also an outdoor kitchen full of natural variation. Rivercrest Wall, which resembles stacked flagstone, is one example of how an authentic appearance can be achieved with Reala Surface Technology.


Originality with ColorFusion

Thanks to ColorFusion, you’ll never find two identical Umbriano pavers. This technology gives the surface of Umbriano pavers a spontaneous, natural appearance. This is done by infusing the surface with a random dispersion of actual granite particles.

Unilock proprietary technologies have been evolving for over 40 years, and today, that work continues with employees who collectively have over 3762 collective years of industry experience.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen with Umbriano pavers and Rivercrest Wall verticals.



Here's How Unilock Technology can Benefit Outdoor Kitchens in Boston, MA

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