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Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

The way beautiful pavers are arranged can make a significant difference to the overall look of an outdoor living room. Done well, the careful arrangement of interlocking paving stones will set the character of your broader landscape design, whether it’s for a home that prefers rustic charm or modern, sleek styles. It’s a puzzle that your Unilock Authorized Contractor will meticulously put together, starting with a predetermined laying pattern. Anyone invited to view your finished outdoor living project will marvel and admire the workmanship that went into it.

It’s important to consider how the pavers should be arranged at the same time that you choose the pavers themselves. You may go into the landscape design process with a particular pattern in mind or you may be swayed by a certain look after you’ve had a chance to view past projects. Unilock pavers are designed to support specific layout patterns — such as herringbone, circular, basket weave (parquet), fan, coursed ashlar, and running bond. A randomized laying pattern is another popular possibility. A randomized laying pattern incorporates pavers of varying sizes to a achieve a more organic effect. This pattern is ideal for complementing rustic design styles, and accentuates the natural appearance of pavers such as Thornbury.

Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

Mattoni in a herringbone laying pattern


Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

A Richcliff patio with a Courtstone border arranged in a circular laying pattern.


Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

A Courtstone driveway featuring a fan laying pattern.


Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

Artline driveway featuring a coursed ashlar laying pattern.


Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

Copthorne front entrance featuring a running bond laying pattern.


Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers

Thornbury patio featuring a randomized laying pattern.

There are many ways to go about considering which patterns will work best for your project. Some homeowners have a vision in mind right from the start, while others enjoy the hunt of perusing the beautiful portfolio of projects in the Unilock Design Idea Catalog until they feel ready to make their decision. Another option is to explore which patterns work best with each paver and view pattern sheets to see how it could all play out.

An already compelling design for your new driveway can be enhanced with unique and visually stunning patterns in a number of ways. A herringbone laying pattern, for example, can offer additional stability and a visually captivating effect. A historical home can be complemented with a fan or circular laying pattern, while visual interest can be added to a modern home with a coursed ashlar driveway. To complement natural stone facing or natural features in the landscape, a randomized laying pattern is generally ideal.

As usual, the difference is in the details, and a primer on layout patterns can help you confidently choose what suits your project best, and might introduce images to inspire new perspectives on what’s possible.


Achieving the Look

The right pattern can play a major role in emphasizing thematic aspects that your paver choice started and the pattern completes. When combined with color and texture options, the paver pattern can be a major driver of visual appeal. Knowing what’s possible can pique your design curiosities in surprising ways, and a quick visual tour of popular Unilock products is a great start.

Courtstone pavers can impart a European sophistication and grandeur to driveways, patios, or pathways, with simple old-world layouts and the option to mix multiple colored stones. Courtstone is commonly installed in a running bond pattern, sometimes gently curving along the path of a winding walkway or driveway.

For a more natural, less rigidly geometric layout, Thornbury pavers support a variety of patterns that avoid calling attention to the pattern itself.

Among the most accommodating and flexible pavers is Copthorne, part of the Elegance product collection from Unilock. Copthorne allows you to achieve stridently differing looks thanks to flexible layout possibilities and a gorgeous array of color options. Copthorne supports running bond, basket weave, and herringbone layouts with deep, resilient color that evoke the feel of a Swiss village, Ivy League sensibilities, or a courtyard patio on the Riviera. While part of that is layout, another factor is that each piece varies uniquely, lending an air of understated authenticity.

Endless Design Possibilities

As you explore the many options for a paver pattern, your Unilock Authorized Contractor can provide some ideas and also show you exactly how various design options would look by deploying Unilock Uvision 3D design software. Be sure to ask your Unilock Authorized Contractor about preparing a 3D design for you.

Deciding on a pattern is all about the look you’re trying to achieve. It’s about clean lines vs. intricate and ornate patterns, or even pattern-less random layouts that add a more natural feel. The paver pattern you choose can better define how you use your various outdoor spaces and to what extent you accentuate a particular paver or color. Some patterns may resemble rugs while others will emphasize the expanse of roominess you have in your landscape.

Deciding on a Laying Pattern for Your Pavers


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