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How a Unilock Authorized Contractor Ensures a Long-Lasting Driveway in Olathe, KS

How a Unilock Authorized Contractor Ensures a Long-Lasting Driveway in Olathe, KS


A new driveway is something you expect to last long-term. For that reason, the decision of choosing a contractor to execute the job properly can be difficult. Unilock understands these challenges. That’s why the Unilock Authorized Contractor program has been put in place – to help make the decision easier for you. Unilock Authorized Contractors offer Olathe, Kansas homeowners the guarantee of a durable driveway that surpasses expectations. Here’s how it’s done:


The Double Guarantee

It would be such a nightmare to invest in a beautiful driveway just to see it fall apart within the first few years because of poor workmanship. No need to worry about this happening with a Unilock Authorized Contractor. A double guarantee ensures that the contractor you work with meets the strict standards set by Unilock. Unilock Authorized Contractors offer a minimum two year guarantee, which will be honored by Unilock should the contractor be unable to fulfill their obligations.


Impeccable Selection Process

Not just any contractor can become authorized by Unilock. Businesses that are authorized have gone through extensive, on-site inspection to make sure they hit the mark. These standards are set in categories such as labor, installation, customer service, and safety. They are the creme de la creme of concrete paver contractors; therefore, you can be sure their work is of the utmost quality.

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Qualified Team Members

How can you be so sure they are qualified? Simple. As well as regular inspections of the contractor’s workmanship, Unilock invests in training Authorized Contractors so that they are up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques.


High-Quality Materials

A landscaping company with integrity is reassuring, but what about the materials they use? Will they hold up against your home’s needs? Unilock has you covered. With over 40 years of testing and perfecting our products, it’s safe to say your driveway will last well into the future. Unilock offers a range of products specially manufactured to handle challenging conditions. EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes ensure everlasting color, Ultima Concrete Technology gives pavers up to four times the strength of poured concrete, and Easy Clean Stain Resistance ensures easy cleanups before stains have a chance to form. These are just some of the proprietary manufacturing technologies employed by Unilock to give you the highest quality pavers possible for your driveway and other hardscape applications.


A Driveway that won’t Sink or Shift

You’ll be driving and parking on your driveway for years to come. To keep your driveway in pristine condition, Unilock Authorized Contractors offer state-of-the-art geogrid technology from Unilock called the Unilock DriveGrid. The DriveGrid is placed beneath the aggregate base of the driveway to prevent shifting and sinking of pavers due to repeated use and long-term parking of cars, boats, and RVs. The triangular geometry of the DriveGrid is designed to distribute the weight so that the base layer is kept stable, thus preventing dips in spots where you regularly park. The increased stability of the DriveGrid system means a decreased depth of excavation. In most cases, 50% less excavation is necessary to install the DriveGrid in relation to a traditional concrete paver driveway installation method.



How a Unilock Authorized Contractor Ensures a Long-Lasting Driveway in Olathe, KS

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