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Umbriano – The Natural Look and Feel of Granite

Umbriano® is the ideal product for any landscaping project. Its non-slip surface and stain resistant properties make it an ideal choice for driveways, walkways, patios or any other high traffic areas. It is engineered specifically to out-perform the majority of paving products available today. With its extremely dense molecular composition, it is unaffected by chlorine or salt pool water, and is resistant to de-icing salt erosion. The clean sharp edges of Umbriano are favored among architects, designers and contractors who wish to add a contemporary or modern touch to any project.

Here are a few important things to remember when installing Umbriano:

  1. The appropriate base must always be installed before placing the pavers. Improper base preparation may result in damage to the paver units.
  2. Review Umbriano installation videos here. And be sure to observe these critical notes:

    A) We recommend that larger units such as the 16×16, should be installed using a suction lifting device like the Pavermor Paver Placer.

    B) Do not put sand between the joints before tamping for two reasons. First, having sand between the joints may cause the sharp edges of Umbriano to chip or crumble. And second, proper levelling cannot be achieved when there is sand between the joints. This is true for all pavers, but especially true for Umbriano or pavers with a large surface area.

    C) When doing a final compaction, remind your contractor to use a protective pad on the tamper to protect the surface from scratching.

    D) When using Polymeric Sand, exercise extra care and ensure there is absolutely no sand left on the surface before wetting. See the video here for proper installation of Polymeric Sand.
    Tip: To remove the slight haze sometimes caused by Polymeric Sand which has not been adequately removed from the surface prior to wetting, use Unilock Hardscape Cleaner. Always read the instructions on the label carefully and test the cleaner in an unobtrusive area to ensure the results are satisfactory.

Below are a few design ideas that use Umbriano:

Umbriano (Midnight Sky) patio with a Brussels Block® and Series 3000® border. The water feature (Brussels Dimensional Stone®) adds a great focal point to the design, while the Series 3000 (Black Granite) accent throughout the wall complements both the patio and the outdoor couches.

This outdoor living area uses Umbriano (Summer Wheat) with Series 3000 (Black Granite) accents. The outdoor furniture ties in all of the colors displayed in the patio and fireplace, making it the perfect gathering space.

Umbriano (Winter Marvel) with a Series 3000 (Onyx Black) border complements the brick work of this home, creating an exquisite entrance to welcome family and friends!

Umbriano (Autumn Sunset) lined with Il Campo® (Heritage Brown) and Brussels Block (Sandstone) make a beautiful walkway leading to a patio surrounded by a colorful garden.


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