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What Size Pavers are Available?

The great thing about concrete pavers is that they come in a variety of sizes – from 4”paver stones all the way up to 36” slabs. They are also available in rectangular, square and geometric shapes. All of which presents you with an opportunity exercise your creative side with your outdoor patio projects – and while the selection can be inspiring, it can also be overwhelming.

Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to make what might seem like a difficult decision when it comes to paver sizes and shapes.

Different size pavers impact your design choices

If you have a patio area on the small side, you are likely going for an intimate and comfortable setting. In general, smaller size pavers are the best choice for this type of aesthetic. A good example would be Copthorne pavers, available in 7″ x 2.5″. Resembling time-worn cobblestones of European village streets, Copthorne delivers design flexibility in the extreme. It can be used for a tranquil patio floor, charming walkways and as accent borders.

Large format slabs bring a clean and elegant aesthetic to outdoor spaces. With their open, expansive style, they tend to make an area appear larger because they have fewer joints to break up the line. Large format slabs such as Umbriano 36″ slabs or the Beacon Hill Flagstone XL Unit are ideal for creating resort-like poolside patios.

As an alternative to traditional patterns, multiple pavers of varying sizes can be laid in a pattern that gives the impression the stones were randomly placed. This creates a natural, authentic look that is perfect for rustic settings such as around an outdoor firepit.

Also, keep in mind the architecture of your home. If your home is a traditional style, the smaller cobblestone and brick pavers are a nice complement. On the other hand, contemporary-style homes with sleek lines and a minimalistic appearance are beautifully set off by the clean look of large format pavers.

The shape of things

Once you’ve decided on a size (or sizes), there is the choice of square, rectangular or geometric shapes for your patio paving.

Rectangular-shaped patio pavers allow you to play with patterns and shapes. Rectangular patio pavers can be used as walkways, driveways, and borders to accent your project or to define different living spaces in your outdoor rooms. Smaller rectangular pavers make it easier to create curved lines in your walkways and circular patterns.

Conversely, square patio pavers give you an easy canvas for mixing and matching colors and even different textures. You could even leave out paving stones randomly, and fill the spaces with pebbles, lawn or ground cover.

What about geometric shapes?The six-sided hexagon paver shape such as Granito can be found in outdoor patios and walkways. For an atypical look, rather than trimming the pavers to get a straight line on the edge of your project, leave the pavers whole.

Play with anarray of pavers in different shapes, textures, sizes and colors to add unique style and character to your outdoor patio. Mix and match them to create different patterns that are not only visually interesting, but also hide stains and marks.

Putting pavers down

When it comes to the installation, both large and small pavers have their advantages. Small pavers don’t require heavy lifting, so they can be installed relatively quickly by an experienced crew. With smaller paving stones however, planning your design and attention to detail is critical. If you are creating repeating patterns, mistakes are more easily noticeable.

Larger pavers cover more surface area, so technically there is less work and time involved during installation. If you are using large paving slabs for your driveway, remember that they are more likely to crack under the weight of vehicular traffic. Reduce your risk of cracks by taking the time to properly lay your pavers and base layers and choosing the thickest pavers available for your project.

If you need help deciding which size and shape of paving stones make sense for your outdoor project and your personal style, contact an authorized Unilock contractor today.

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