Product: Architextures™ Wall <br>  Color: Opal Blend, Granite Blend IL Campo finish
Product: Architextures™ Wall <br>  Color: Opal Blend, Granite Blend IL Campo finish
The ArchiTEXTURES Wall System provides a sleek, linear aesthetic that blends well with both modern and traditional design. With clean lines, subtle edge details, Architextures is designed to reflect and enhance your contemporary spaces.


Granite Fusion

Granite Fusion



Opal Blend

Opal Blend

Midnight Charcoal

Midnight Charcoal

Shapes & Sizes

Corner Bundle (Double Unit)

40 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm

15.75" x 9.875" x 3.875"

U-GRIP Base Pad

35.5 cm x 48.2 cm x 5.5 cm

14" x 19" x 2.125"

Random Bundle

Large Rectangle

25 cm x 45 cm x 10 cm

9.875" x 17.75" x 3.875"

Medium Rectangle

30 cm x 25 cm x 9.8 cm

11.75" x 9.875" x 3.875"

Small Rectangle

15 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm

5.875" x 9.875" x 3.875"


Two high performance layers are compressed and cured together to provide the highest quality of strength, durability, and everlasting color.
Retaining Walls


Face Feet Per Linear Feet Per Units Per Per Bundle Lbs Per
Stones & Bundling Bundle Unit Bundle Unit Bundle Facet Feet Layers Sections Unit Bundle
Random Bundle 11.63 35.42 36 36 1296
Large Rectangle 5.81 0.484 17.71 1.476 12 2.07
Medium Rectangle 3.88 0.323 11.81 0.984 12 3.09
Small Rectangle 1.94 0.162 5.9 0.492 12 6.19
Corner Bundle (Double Unit) 11.2 1.4 8 96 768
U-GRIP Base Pad 85.39 54 8 2500
Notes: Sold in full bundles only on a refundable skid. For coping options we recommend Ledgestone or Natural Stone. All measurements are nominal. Any wall over 39" in height may be subject to permit requirements and engineering analysis. Always consult with your local authorities before beginning your project. As a rule of thumb, walls 2' high or less require a shallow excavation; otherwise you will require a deep excavation or the implementation of concrete piers (Sono tubes). This system should only be installed by trained, professional contractors to ensure a safe, consistent, reliable system that will be long-lasting.


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