5 Amazing Entryways that are Warm and Inviting



There’s no doubt about it, first impressions matter. The style of your property’s entrance is a great way to welcome guests and create a lasting impact. The following inspiring entryways make use of various design techniques to create a warm, inviting space. Such well-designed entrances are also great tools to boost curb appeal and increase the resale value of your home. Consider incorporating elements of these entryways into your own landscape design and allow your home to stand out from the crowd.


Combining earth and entrance

This meandering pathway, showcasing Unilock’s Brussels Block paver, flows seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. It’s defined by a dark Copthorne border which also serves as edging to prevent the overgrowth of plant life onto the path. The rich earthy tones within the pavers echo similar shades in the home’s architecture and add a pleasant warmth to the area. Earthy tones, natural elements and organic, flowing lines allow for interesting variation and gentle aesthetic. The garden lighting fixtures are located along the path and ensure the safety of guests at night, while highlighting the warm undertones of the pavers. The path places the house within a visitor’s line of sight while its meandering length draws the eye to appreciate the home’s architecture.


Creating well-lit walkways

This entrance was created using elegant Richcliff pavers which subtly reflect the blue hues within the home’s exterior. The lights adorning the steps create an inviting path to the front door and ensure safe navigation at night. Landscape lighting techniques can make a dramatic impact on your entrance. Moonlighting, for example, involves mounting a downward-facing light fixture in a tall tree, bathing an area in light. Upward-facing lights can be nestled underneath focal points and walls to draw attention to the home. The retaining wall here can double as seating space while vibrant plant life provides relief from the expanse of stone. The steps are defined by Courtstone borders in the color variation Basalt, providing a dark contrast to the more subtle grays and browns of Richcliff.


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Blending the indoors and outdoors

This geometric entrance reflects the minimalist design of the adjacent home, complementing the architecture. The entrance here acts as an introduction to the architecture and aesthetic style of the property. Adding chairs or a small bistro table to an entrance can make the space seem more inviting and serves as a perfect place to share coffee with a neighbor or watch the kids play on the front lawn. These retaining walls are topped with smooth capstones which can be used as extra seating and will not snag or damage clothing. The short pillars that flank the immediate entrance hold planters and serve as vertical elements, adding dimension to the flat expanse of stone. This is also achieved by placing the outdoor furniture on a sunken surface – adding visual interest by giving this patio multiple levels.


Utilizing various vertical elements

This entrance showcases beautifully curved steps and multi-toned pavers that give the area depth. The short pillars also contribute to the variation of vertical dimension and shape. This patio consists of Umbriano pavers accented by Copthorne and Series 3000 borders. The borders match the banding that runs along the short pillars and walls, creating a sense of cohesion and completeness within the entire space. The elegance of this classic entrance can be attributed to the sweeping shape of the steps as well as the subtle shades within the pavers. The rich burgundy tones of the Copthorne accents echo the vibrant siding of the adjacent house, linking the aesthetic of the landscape and home.


Mixing different types of materials

This entrance utilizes a mixture of different materials to create an interesting, natural walkway. Large, jagged stones are used to create rustic retaining walls, grounded by smooth, charming pebbles. This adds a sense of effortlessness to the design and ties the hardscape to the surrounding plant life. The brown shades within the pavers complement the retaining walls as well as the exterior of the home. The geometric layout of the steps and pillars creates an interesting contrast against the organic theme of the entrance. Although this hardscape design embraces the softer tones of various natural elements, the landscape is kept in a neatly manicured condition to maintain its suburban appeal.


5 Amazing Entryways that are Warm and Inviting New York NY