Why Choosing Stone or Pavers for Your Front Yard Walkway Will Increase the Appeal in Stafford Township, NJ | Unilock

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Why Choosing Stone or Pavers for Your Front Yard Walkway Will Increase the Appeal in Stafford Township, NJ

Improving the look of your front yard is a surefire way to making a more approachable and enjoyable home. Consider using either stone or pavers for a new walkway, and watch as this upgrade completely transforms the look of your front yard in Stafford Township, NJ.

1. Natural Stone from Unilock: Filled with Character

Natural stone can be a top choice if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind walkway rich in character.

The exquisite Limestone slabs from Unilock add sophistication and a timeless appeal to your walkway. Limestone naturally absorbs a low amount of water compared to other types of natural stone. It also stands strong against the vicious freeze-thaw cycles that can damage many surfaces. The colors range from a light Winter Mist to a mid-tone Hearthstone to a dramatic Black River. Your walkway will be stylish and one of a kind.

Character-filled Sandstone slabs from Unilock have been enhancing landscapes for many years. Unilock chooses natural stone for strength and low water absorption. Sandstone has a naturally grippy surface even when wet, which makes it a great choice for walkways. Choose from the timeless elegant Stone Cliff Gray, the warm Autumn Harvest, or the dramatically veined Indian Coast. Sandstone slabs can amplify a warm, welcoming feel at your entry.

2. Pavers from Unilock: Versatile and Rich in Choices

Pavers can be a great choice if you want one material throughout your entire hardscape—for example, if you admire the look of flagstone but want a material that’s durable enough for use on driveways as well as your pedestrian areas.

A unified front yard landscape is an incredible thing and the luxurious Westport pavers from Unilock are proven to be as versatile as they are beautiful. Westport pavers can be used in pedestrian as well as driveway settings, which enables a wonderful unity all throughout the landscape. The blended Fossil and Steel Mountain colors could be used instead of bluestone, and the dark Charcoal color could make an excellent border that ties the driveway and walkway together.

Umbriano pavers from Unilock present a wonderful opportunity in elegance for modern homes along with a secure non-slip texture. These pavers give you the look of granite (the pavers feature real granite particles that give the pavers a unique sheen in sunlight), and they are protected with EasyClean stain resistance, which makes this option about as low-maintenance as a paver can get.

As part of any gorgeous traditional front yard landscape, Treo Premier pavers from Unilock combine modern technology with a relaxed natural stone look. The beautiful waves of color in these blended-color pavers contribute to a fascinating and random tapestry that can dazzle as a front yard walkway, driveway, or simply as borders or accents. Treo Premier pavers are available in Fossil, Brown, Charcoal, Almond Grove, and Steel Mountain to suit virtually any design aesthetic.

Another fantastic option for enhancing your front yard, Transition pavers from Unilock create a stunning uniform color and texture across the landscape. The brooding, dark color scheme of Transition pavers ( available in Charcoal) pairs stunningly with a lush landscape. This paver is a wider and more substantial version of a classic brick shape, which makes it an excellent pairing with large homes. This paver is also rated for driveway and pedestrian uses.

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