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Make a Grander Front Entrance
with Walls

Every home should have a front entrance that embraces guests as they make their way to the front door. Setting the scene might include a handsome door in a bold, complementing color, an arrangement of potted plants, soft lighting to show the way, and a decorative chair or two.

If you want to create a grander entrance, think higher. Think vertical – to walls, pillars and other additions that elevate the front of your home.


Half walls add visual interest

An oft-overlooked feature for the entrance is the half wall. Adding half walls create a multi-dimensional feel in an area that is typically open and flat. Half walls not only help to frame the entry, they can add aesthetic value when used as vertical planters or seat walls accented with bright pillows.Incorporate a water feature into a half wall to impart a zen-like ambience.

For homes where the front yard slopes forward, half walls can visually ground the area and bring balance to the space. From a purposeful standpoint, they help to keep erosion under control.

Consider adding a simple garden wall to highlight the flowerbeds that grace your front yard, or if you want a more striking design, tiered garden walls are a beautiful look. They make it easier to maintain your gardens, too.


Pillars of distinction

It’s hard to deny the gracious look of pillars at a home’s front entrance. Add an archway above your pillars to bring the illusion of height and help define the space that envelops your guests. Or place half-height pillars at the base of your steps and use them as platforms for overflowing greenery, mood-setting lights or a fire feature.

Bring outdoor seating to the front

Usually reserved for the back yard, the unexpected addition of a separate outdoor seating area at the front of your home is simply captivating. It will transform your front entrance, taking it from a front step to an inviting outdoor space. Define your outdoor room with curved half walls and pillars, and entice guests to sit for a spell before entering your home.

Never underestimate the impact of the grand entrance. The secret is to bring in vertical features that delight your visitors as they make their way to your home’s warm embrace. If you’re looking for innovative ways to say “welcome”, talk to a Unilock design consultant today.


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