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Don't Forget These Features for your Front Yard Landscape Design in Syracuse, NY

Don't Forget These Features for your Front Yard Landscape Design in Syracuse, NY


Mindful front yard interventions for your Syracuse, NY home can go a long way toward keeping it up-to-date. Modern front yard designs tend to lean more towards clean lines and a minimalist overall look, with warm colors and old-world touches still having their place. Here are some features to consider if you’re planning to bring a fresh look to your yard:


Stylish Walkways

Regardless of their size, walkways keep things neat and organized, and provide easy access to your home and landscape features. Go formal with straight and direct walkways or add gentle curves to make the quick trip to the front door of your home more memorable. With the timeless flagstone texture of Rivenstone pavers your front walkway can offer age-old character from day one. Rivenstone offers many distinct shapes, which can be combined for a naturalistic, randomized surface.

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Water Features

With the versatility of Unilock wall units, a large or small water feature can be added to your front yard by a Unilock Authorized Contractor. A stylish fountain or a small pondless waterfall can add a welcoming soundtrack to your front yard and inject a lively energy into the landscape. Lineo Dimensional Stone is perfect for a fresh, modern water feature that will give your front yard the ambience of a luxury retreat. Alternatively, consider the rich flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall. Rivercrest Wall comes in the natural colors, Buff and Coastal Slate, and is ideal for creating a more rustic front yard focal feature. In addition, Rivercrest Wall is perfect for taming and beautifying slopes, and can be extended throughout your front yard in the form of low walls, pillars, and raised planters.

Brussels Dimensional Stone, too, is an excellent choice for creating water features with the charming look of natural, quarried stone. Pair Brussels Dimensional Stone with Brussels Fullnose coping and Copthorne accents for a warm and inviting feature.


A Charming Driveway

Your driveway welcomes you and your visitors to your home, so a charming, stylish driveway is a must. Umbriano pavers by Unilock are ideal for adding an attractive modern appeal to your driveway, while ensuring long-term functionality and long-lasting color. Umbriano pavers offer unique qualities, such as a stunning honed-granite surface texture, realistic mottled coloring, rich colors that won’t fade, and strength and durability that is suitable for commercial applications. This paver is part of the EnduraColor Plus line and combines nature’s highest performing minerals and exclusive Unilock technologies. The Summer Wheat shade is ideal for creating a captivating driveway with a bright, easy-going appeal. The Midnight Sky color option is the perfect accent paver, and can be used to create dark, contrasting borders to highlight your driveway.


Stepping Stone Paths

Unilock Limestone pavers and Porcelain tiles are the epitome of high-end landscape design with their sophisticated appearance. Use these products to create stepping stones through your plant beds, pathways connecting hardscape areas, or as a substitute for a traditional walkway. Unilock porcelain is available in a number of different finishes, including a stone and woodgrain finish. The color options of Unilock Porcelain range from beige to gray and warm brown. Unilock porcelain tiles are imported from Europe and provide beauty and extreme durability. Unilock Limestone is perfect for creating a zen-like oasis in your front yard. The Black River color option is an excellent option for contributing a peaceful ambience to your Asian-inspired landscape theme.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional Stone water feature with Brussels Fullnose coping and Copthorne accents.



Don't Forget These Features for your Front Yard Landscape Design in Syracuse, NY

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