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Retaining Wall Designs That Look Just Like Natural Stone

Retaining Wall Designs That Look Just Like Natural Stone

Unilock offers a huge range of wall units that can be used to construct vertical features, such as grill islands, low walls, water features and fire features. In addition, these exceptional units can be used in the construction of a stunning stone retaining wall. Unilock wall units present a range of different styles, including the authentic appeal of natural stone. Here are just some of the many wall units offered by Unilock that can be used to create retaining walls that look just like natural stone features:

U-Cara Multi-Face Umbriano Finish for the Look and Feel of Granite

U-Cara Multi-Face is a revolutionary wall system that consists of Sure Track backer blocks for structural strength and dimensional accuracy, and fascia panels that come in a range of different styles.

Among these styles, you can find the Umbriano Finish, which, like Umbriano pavers, features the stunning modern look and feel of granite. This is achieved using Unilock proprietary ColorFusion Technology to create a random dispersion of color throughout the fascia panel’s surface.

In addition to realistic mottled coloring and a range of authentic granite color options, the Umbriano Finish is infused with actual granite particles and hard-wearing minerals for a durable, realistic surface and color that will last a lifetime. As well as the Umbriano Finish, U-Cara Multi-Face is available in Pitched Face and Smooth Face options, and the Series Finish, which also offers granite-like detail.

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The Stacked Flagstone Appearance of Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall offers the rich texture and rustic look of actual stacked flagstone. The ultra-realistic appearance of this wall unit is owed to the Unilock proprietary Reala Surface Technology, which is used to create surfaces identical to that of natural stone, cobblestone, and brick from molds taken from hundreds of original pieces. The result is a wall unit that appears completely natural, while offering the structural stability of a manufactured concrete unit. Rivercrest Wall can be used in the construction of low retaining walls, raised plant beds and other vertical features.

Rivercrest Wall is not only an excellent complement to traditional and rustic landscape design themes, but can also be used to add rich texture and visual interest to modern themes. For this sort of contemporary effect, consider pairing Rivercrest Wall with a sleek, modern paver, such as Beacon Hill Smooth.

Brussels Dimensional System for a Tumbled Aesthetic

Brussels Dimensional System is a versatile wall unit that comes in tapered components to allow for both straight and curved vertical features. The weathered appearance of Brussels Dimensional System gives it the timeworn appeal of tumbled stone blocks.

Pair the Brussels Dimensional System with Brussels Block pavers and Brussels Fullnose Coping for a unified look throughout your hardscape, or introduce contrast by combining it with the rich flagstone textures of Richcliff pavers for your patio and Copthorne paver banding.

Not only does the Brussels Dimensional System offer magnificent and realistic texture, it is also available in a wide range of captivating color options—ideal for adding visual warmth and character. The Brussels Dimensional System color range includes shades such as Sandstone, Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Sierra, Limestone and New York Blend.

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The Weathered Rock Charm of Estate Wall

Estate Wall offers the aesthetic of worn and weathered rock. Using this wall unit, you can achieve luxurious architectural detail for your hardscapes and create retaining wall systems with an authentic antiqued appearance. You can use Estate Wall for visually impressive terracing, steps and other vertical features throughout your landscape. Consider complementing Estate Wall with boldly contrasting Town Hall accents to maximize visual interest.

Estate Wall also comes with its own coping unit for step treads and wall tops. Estate Wall is available in a range of different lengths and heights, making it possible to build vertical features with a random ashlar look.

RomanWall to Create the Impression of Split Stone

RomanWall offers the timeworn aesthetic of antiqued split stone, and the versatility of tapered units to allow for both curved and straight walls. Use RomanWall for impressive meandering retaining walls, planters, steps, seating walls and more. RomanWall features size options with substantial dimensions, ensuring that your retaining wall system is as visually captivating as it is functional. Top your RomanWall features with the Roman Cap Unit to create a cohesive design and add a functional finish to your retaining wall system.

Concord Wall for Reliability with a Rock Face

Concord Wall is a highly stable, highly durable retaining wall system. An innovative design ensures that Concord Wall automatically adjusts to form the correct slope, while tapered units allow for sweeping curves and flexible design. Concord Wall is also available in an XL Unit for extreme stability and an appearance to match. Concord Wall presents its own 24” Coping/Step Tread Unit as well, to ensure a cohesive retaining wall design and the option of creating matching transitions between separate levels of your landscape. Concord Wall units and Concord Wall Coping come in three colors to suit color schemes in the cool, mid-range and warm color ranges. These colors include Sierra for warmth, Almond Grove for both warm and cool undertones, and Granite as a cool gray option.

The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall with Town Hall accent.


Retaining Wall Designs That Look Just Like Natural Stone


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