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Stunning Designs Incorporating Concrete Pavers

The installation of concrete pavers is one surefire way to neaten a landscape and ensure that it looks just as elegant as your indoor spaces. Concrete pavers from Unilock are available in an array of stunning shades and textures to suit your preferences and are durable enough to withstand the elements. Here are a few showstopping hardscape designs that have made impeccable use of Unilock pavers.

A seamless blend between plants and pavers

Your landscape is composed of the natural softscape and the artificial hardscape that you mould with pavers and stone. A harsh boundary between these two domains can draw attention to this transition and be visually unsettling. This homeowner has therefore decided to create a spontaneous, curved border between the lawn and patio, as if the pavers are naturally yielding to the contours of the softscape. The central island of greenery further helps to merge the natural landscape with the concrete patio. The Beacon Hill Flagstone used here is an excellent choice for surfaces shrouded in greenery, as each paver bears rough textures similar to those on natural stones. This concrete paver is a great substitute for natural flagstone, with fade-resistant qualities to match the hardiness of true quarried stone.

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Versatile Mattoni pavers for any landscape design

Mattoni pavers draw inspiration from classic Roman brick, which makes them ideal companions to this rustic brick home. Although they do well complementing this landscape, their sleek, modern qualities are still noticeable. This new-age twist makes Mattoni pavers just as compatible with contemporary landscapes as they are with more traditional designs. They are available in a range of rich neutrals. The Sable Blend shade bears a distressed look that is often sought after in bohemian and more ethereal patio designs. Consider arranging these pavers in an interlocking pattern for a visually captivating surface.

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Patios can bear all the elegance of indoor spaces

This luxurious look of this patio has been achieved through the mindful incorporation of soft lighting, plush wicker furniture, a geometric hardscape design and the sleek Artline pavers underfoot. These pavers are smooth, with perfectly uniform edges that create clean jointing lines. The Town Hall pavers, used to create the border, have more textured surfaces that add a bit of variation to the feel of the hardscape. The use of neutral shades throughout the patio, including the creamy Tuscany colored pavers, contributes to its trendy look. The color palette also fulfills its very important job of complementing the home, as one’s hardscape should always enhance the look of the home and never detract from it. The water feature adds to the luxurious atmosphere, as having one in your backyard is a rare novelty in many neighborhoods and the sound of running water has a calming effect on its surroundings.

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Rustic pavers that make the most of stunning natural hardscapes

If you are fortunate enough to have a landscape as stunning as this one, you may choose to see it as something to be preserved. It seems wasteful to cover a stunning, one-of-a-kind landscape with poured concrete until its inherent beauty is hidden underneath. Rather select small, textured pavers in similar shades to those you find in the softscape. This will cause them to blend subtly into their surroundings and allow the nature to be showcased as the focal point of the landscape. The muted Courtstone pavers used here create a sleek driveway that draws little attention and almost looks like a glassy reflection upon the lake. They are also excellent candidates for driveways and areas that experience frequent traffic. These pavers are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from Unilock, which makes them four times as strong as poured concrete.

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Hardscape designs that complement the home

As mentioned before, it is crucial for your hardscape to complement your home and prevent it from appearing out of place. These Camelot pavers in a creamy Sierra shade pair well with the sandy natural stone incorporated into the siding of the home. Their pleasant cobblestone-like textures also complement the rugged wood and brick used to construct the home. This color variation is always the perfect candidate for wooded landscapes, as it creates a stunning contrast against the deep greens of trees and shrubs.
Stunning Designs Incorporating Concrete Pavers NY


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