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3 retaining wall designs that will transform your landscape

Retaining Walls, Landscaping ideas NY, NJ, CT, PA

Retaining walls can completely change the layout of a landscape, subduing impressively large amounts of earth. Aside from preventing destructive soil erosion, retaining wall designs may also shape, define, and add major curb appeal to your property in both overt and unexpected ways. Draw ideas from these 3 retaining wall design ideas that will transform your landscape to achieve a completely new look in your yard.

Treat Terracing Like an Art

If rolling hills and steep slopes characterize your yard, retaining walls might just be your new best friend. Create more usable space by introducing terracing to your landscape, which tames unruly inclines while adding aesthetic interest. A tall stone wall breaks up this once hilly yard, creating a dramatic layered effect which lends depth to the space. Planting beds placed flush against the top and bottom of this retaining wall design that features the Unilock Rivercrest Wall transforms the landscape into a dynamic work of art, leaving an array of stone and plant focal points in its wake. Vertically reaching trees balance out the winding horizontal line of this yard’s wall, contributing to the terraced effect.

Terraced Retaining Walls Designs NY, NJ, CT, PA

Even low terracing can offer visually striking results. The bright color and rustic texture of this retaining wall design gives a sense of richness to the multi-leveled garden design. Neatly-capped star treads complement the shrubs’ structural shapes while preserving an overall natural look. Subtle retaining wall designs will transform landscapes that don’t have many noticeable elevation changes. Use terracing to reinstate an impression of depth in your yard for increased curb appeal.

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An artful retaining wall design is mindful of how functional spaces can benefit from multi-leveled terracing. Even small outdoor living spaces, such as this intimate corner alcove, are enriched by the structural element provided by a cleverly placed wall. Notice how just a little separation in height from its backdrop of plantings makes this garden seat wall featuring Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone stand out. Accent the look with narrow decorative pieces, such as urns, candleholders, or potted plants which match the height of your retaining walls.

Water Features into Pools in NY, NJ, CT, PA

Mix Highs and Lows with Water Features

Nothing transforms a landscape like the striking beauty and power of a towering outdoor waterfall. Retaining wall designs with built-in water features, such as this poolside waterfall, provide an added natural element that works well with any design style, from contemporary to country. The height and movement of this waterfall is accentuated by the wall’s columnar accents, whose slight color variations create dynamism.

Contemporary Landscaping Ideas in NY, NJ, PA, CT

Water features work equally well when incorporated into low retaining walls designs. By simply setting this outdoor waterfall back from the main retaining wall, these homeowners achieved a unique “fireplace” effect. A short outdoor bench, quaint décor, and just the right amount of plantings play up the low, horizontal lines of this retaining wall design. This design features Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone once again.

Retaining Walls, Landscaping ideas NY, NJ, CT, PA

Maximize Contrast to Transform Your Landscape

Easily transform your landscape by inviting contrast into your outdoor spaces. A short retaining wall showcasing a sleek, dark-meets-light design, as well as a sudden change in stone cuts, gives this patio’s edges an instant boost. Moreover, the strong, bold lines of Unilock Belmuro Wall harmonizes nicely with the abundance of greenery that backdrop the space. A robust fire feature completes the transformative look.

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Slight contrasts in elevation can work wonders for your landscape. Retaining walls define this contemporary front entranceway, whose long walkway and directional changes might otherwise appear visually flat. Go for retaining wall designs which take advantage of spaces where even the smallest height variation can transform your landscape.

Retaining Wall Design NY, NJ, CT, PA

Raised planting beds made possible by short retaining wall designs can make a simple, yet powerful statement in your yard. Take visual suggestions from the colors, textures, and style of your retaining wall design to select contrasting shrubs and flowering plants. Eye-catching red and yellow hued flowers add an essential pop of color to this front entranceway. Visit your local nursery, taking images of your retaining wall design with you to find plants whose shapes and colors best fit your landscape. Get creative with lively shrubs in multiple hues, or experiment with annuals from year-to-year until finding a combination you love. Terracing, as shown here, may be used to elevate the effect.

For more inspiration and information for your retaining wall project, be sure to visit the Unilock Design Ideas Catalog here!

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