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Here Are 4 Ways to Use Paving Stones in Your 2022 Landscape Project in Oxford, CT

The title image features Bristol Valley and Copthorne pavers and Ledgestone.

Finding the right pavers for a project can be a complex process. They are versatile materials that combine beauty and practicality, but there are more ways to use them than just as a wonderful backdrop for outdoor living or to boost your outdoor visual appeal. Here are four ways to use the look of paving stones in your 2022 landscape project in Oxford, CT.

Pedestrian Surfaces

The pedestrian surfaces of your hardscape include the patio, pool deck, and walkways. While these areas may seem similar, they serve entirely different purposes. The patio will house a myriad of activities, whether it’s kids playing, adults visiting over cocktails, a gathering of loved ones around the outdoor dining table, and quiet evenings relaxing by the fire pit.

The pool deck is an area that may have some regular walking traffic, though the primary consideration is that it will often be covered in water.

The walkways will see foot traffic primarily along the centerline, but little else. Some of these pavers have specific uses, others are more broad.

Can one paver handle these unique requirements? Yes. In fact, there are several options from Unilock that could simplify your choices.

Like their name suggests, Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock take their shape and color inspiration from naturally occurring flagstone. This naturalistic and varied colors combined with the non-slip yet barefoot-friendly texture make this paver excellent for walkway, patio, and especially pool deck applications among both modern and traditional design schemes.

Taking cues from their textured cousin Beacon Hill Flagstone, Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock keep the beautiful stone colors while featuring a sleek surface that pairs well with any modern design theme for walkway, patio, and pool deck applications. Don’t let the smoothness fool you. The pavers look smooth, but offer surefooted passage at the poolside with a non-slip, slightly pebbled texture.

The Driveway

The main difference between types of pavers often comes down to what they can withstand. Cars and other vehicles cause sustained pressure as well as abrasion on the driveway pavers. That means that driveway-rated pavers need to be much thicker and smaller to prevent shifting or cracking. Pavers such as Town Hall pavers from Unilock give your driveway an elegant and timeless look, as well as the option of a permeable installation.


When designing any paved surface, you could take advantage of pavers as accents for added flourish. Many pavers from Unilock can be used to step up the design of your hardscape. For an old-style brick accent, Copthorne pavers would be an excellent choice. These pavers take their inspiration in the timeworn brick pavers of European streets and feature rich colors that could work in both traditional and modern applications. Copthorne pavers are versatile in creating patterns, and they are a favorite for horizontal and vertical accents, for example to tie a patio with a retaining wall together.

Mixed Use (Pedestrian and Driveway)

Textured minimalism is the highlight of the chic Artline pavers from Unilock. These modern pavers have the versatility to be at home in both pedestrian surfaces and the driveway. This makes the Artline a wonderful opportunity to create masonry-based continuity throughout the hardscape. There are several gorgeous colors and various textures to choose from, ensuring design flexibility and the potential of creating a completely unique space.



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