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Which Unilock Non-Slip Walkway Pavers to Choose For My Oxford, CT Customers

Which Unilock Non-Slip Walkway Pavers to Choose For My Oxford, CT Customers

Non-slip walkways are a crucial feature for any home, helping to reduce the likelihood of anyone falling and getting hurt. Even able-bodied adults can fall and injure themselves if moisture collects on the surfaces of regular hardscapes. Non-slip pavers from Unilock can reduce this risk and help to mitigate the likelihood of serious injury. Here are some pavers that are perfect for Oxford, CT, projects that are both safe and visually appealing:


One of the most versatile pavers available, Umbriano is perfect for any size project where a non-slip surface is required or preferred. Umbriano’s uniquely textured surface has the look and feel of actual granite. The ColorFusion Technology incorporated into the manufacturing of this paver creates beautifully blended colors, while EnduraColor Architectural Finishes ensures a surface that is both refined and non-slip, similar to that of honed granite. The different paver-shapes and gently blended colors combine to create a unique look to match any design. Play with jointing sand colors to either add definition or create a more blended appearance. Either way, Umbriano is a favorite in terms of beauty, function and safety.


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Senzo provides a clean, modern look for any project. The color options range from Nuvola, a deep gray, to Cremo, a creamy beige. This is one paver that can be used to create non-slip walkways and then be continued throughout the property for equally safe surfaces for outdoor kitchens, patios, and pool decks. Create one cohesive look throughout the entire design with Senzo. Senzo pavers are also stain-resistant, which makes it perfect for use in areas used for entertaining. Accent Senzo with a high-contrast, equally modern paver, such as Series.

Town Hall

A brick-style walkway is a beautiful complement to any home, no matter what its style. Town Hall is a brick-like paver that is compatible with permeable installation methods. This helps to prevent pooling that causes surfaces to become slippery, and aids in the reabsorption of rainwater runoff. In addition, Town Hall pavers are highly textured and contain authentic detail that has been achieved by casting each paver individually from molds taken of hundreds of actual street brick pavers. This ensures a high degree of visual interest, as well as a surface that provides reliable footing even when wet. Town Hall is also made using Ultima Concrete Technology, making it extremely strong and able to withstand heavy traffic and extreme weather. Use Town Hall as either the main paver for a walkway or driveway, or as an accent paver to create a bold and interesting look.


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Il Campo

Il Campo is available in deep and natural colors, and comes in a variety of shapes for creating a wide range of intricate laying patterns. The detailed surface texture is part of what makes Il Campo well-suited for areas of high-foot traffic like walkways. The highly detailed, brushed lines etched into the surface of each paver ensure a richly textured surface that aids in providing steady footing during inclement conditions. Accent Il Campo with a dark brick like Mattoni for a gorgeous finish.

If your clients need non-slip pavers, these are some great options for getting started. Remember to check the latest Design Catalog for more ideas.

The title image features an Il Campo walkway and patio.

Which Unilock Non-Slip Walkway Pavers to Choose For My Oxford, CT Customers

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