3 Monochrome Projects That Showcase Unilock Patio Pavers

There is something wonderfully tranquil about a large expanse of monochrome pavers. However, some homeowners may find a monochrome color palette dull or uninspired. This is where texture, finishes, and paver patterns come into play. Read on to discover how Unilock patio pavers brought life and personality to the following monochrome projects, and consider a few of these paver options for your own Suffolk County, NY, hardscape.


3 Monochrome Projects That Showcase Unilock Patio Pavers in Suffolk County, NY


This creative pool and paver selection merge to create a refined, soothing outdoor living design. The Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers surrounding the pool showcase the cool, frosty hues of the Steel Mountain color variation. Subtle, muted shades like these are always well suited to tranquil, resort-like settings. Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers have a pleasant rough texture reminiscent of sea sand, and their appearance is identical to that of natural stone. Their surface textures are a treat to bare feet and are also well suited to relaxing poolscape projects.

Unilock offers numerous concrete pavers that emulate natural stone, in terms of how they feel underfoot and what they look like from every angle. These include Thornbury pavers, which bear a similar flagstone-like appearance, and granite-like Umbriano pavers. These pavers bring plenty of texture and a sense of luxury to any hardscaping project and can, therefore, add interest and personality to monochrome designs.

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The predominantly gray color palette that this hardscape displays is made more stimulating by the texture of the pavers and the pleasing geometry created by the pool layout. This hardscaping project does an excellent job at complementing the adjacent home by echoing the shades within its siding.


3 Monochrome Projects That Showcase Unilock Patio Pavers in Suffolk County, NY


This warm, inviting patio consists predominantly of Bristol Valley pavers in Bavarian. These patio pavers contain various shades of brown, as well as highlights and darker grays. They come together to create a dynamic surface full of unique gradients and markings. Their deep colors are protected from wear and fading by EnduraColor Facemix Technology from Unilock.

Basalt Copthorne pavers have been used to frame the patio and anchor the fire pit in the center. Although these pavers serve as a slight break from the predominantly tan color scheme, they echo darker shades that can be found within the Bristol Valley pavers and are, therefore, visually linked to the rest of the patio.


3 Monochrome Projects That Showcase Unilock Patio Pavers in Suffolk County, NY


This cool gray hardscape is cast in shadow and has the potential to look dull and lifeless. However, the zealous use of texture has ensured that this corner of the hardscape will retain its character. The Richcliff pavers showcase the smoky hues within Dawn Mist and Smoke Shale shades. Utilizing two slightly different shades helps to create a dynamic paved surface. The patio floor also benefits from the embossed surface texture and rugged nature of Richcliff pavers. Despite the initial subdued appearance, these bluestone substitutes pack a visual punch at closer inspection.

Lineo Dimensional Stone in Limestone is being installed with the intent to create a lavish outdoor kitchen. These sleek pavers bear their own dazzling details that allow them to stand out among a sea of luxurious Richcliff pavers. Spontaneous flakes of lighter pigment bring life and energy into a cold, refined Lineo Dimensional Stone structure. The dark banding and footrest will also serve to draw more attention to the outdoor kitchen.


3 Monochrome Projects That Showcase Unilock Patio Pavers in Suffolk County, NY