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How to Choose the Right Polymeric Sand Color for Your Pavers

Outdoor patios, driveways, walkways, and more can be aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces that you and your whole family can enjoy for years. When it comes time to revamp these areas, selecting the right pavers for your project is just one aspect; polymeric sand application is another. Not only is polymeric sand a crucial step in the process, but you also want to ensure that you’re selecting the right polymeric sand color that will tie your project together from an aesthetic standpoint.

In this article, we will share some helpful tips to determine the best choice of polymeric sand color to complement your paver project.

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What Polymeric Sand Color Should I Use for Different Paver Colors?

The choice of color can influence which element of your hardscape takes the spotlight. By seamlessly matching your jointing sand with the color of a specific paver, you can minimize the visibility of jointing lines and draw attention to the expanse of the surface. Alternatively, opting for a contrasting color can emphasize the individuality of each paver to create an eye-catching impact.

Unilock pavers come in a wide array of different hues, offering a variety of design possibilities. To emphasize a particular shade within the paver, it’s important to select a polymeric sand color that will complement that specific tone.


Polymeric Sand Color for Grey Pavers

Grey-toned pavers offer flexibility in terms of design, as they can be used in modern, rustic, and traditional home settings. White, tan, or black polymeric sand will do the trick in complementing the high, low, and mid-end tones of a product like Umbriano® in French Grey, or the Granite hue of Westport™.


Polymeric Sand Color for Black Pavers

For black-hued pavers, such as our Elegance™ line in Basalt, black, grey, or tan-colored polymeric sands are ideal.


Polymeric Sand Color for Beige Pavers

For this example, let’s use Umbriano® pavers in the Summer Wheat shade. You can use black polymeric sand to bring out the darker undertones of that paver. Alternatively, for that same paver, you could include grey sand, which helps accentuate the mid-tones, or tan sand, which will blend with the highlights, creating a nuanced and textured appearance.


Polymeric Sand Color for White Pavers

For a white-hued paver, such as Arcana™ in Modena, you can choose to use grey polymeric sand as a complement to the grey flecks within the paver product. Alternatively, black polymeric sand provides a stunning yin-yang juxtaposition that will allow the pavers to visually pop.


Polymeric Sand Color for Brown Pavers

When working with brown-toned pavers like those found in our Beacon Hill™ Flagstone series in Fossil, consider using tan polymeric sand to blend seamlessly with the natural warmth of the pavers. Alternatively, brown polymeric sand can further enhance the earthy tones of the pavers, creating a cohesive and inviting aesthetic.


Polymeric Sand Color for Red Pavers

For red-hued pavers such as Copthorne® in Burgundy Red, opt for a complementary black polymeric sand to accentuate the depth and richness of the red tones. Alternatively, brown polymeric sand can create a harmonious blend with the warmer undertones of the pavers, providing a visually striking look.


Tips for Choosing the Right Polymeric Sand Color

Here are a few more tips to help you choose the right polymeric sand color for your hardscape project.


Harmonize Polymeric Sand Color with Your Home’s Exterior

One approach is to extend an accent color from your home’s exterior into your polymeric sand selection.

For example, if you live in a home built with rustic red and brown bricks, selecting a beige or tan polymeric sand will do wonders in complementing the mid-tones of the brick façade. Another example would be an ultra-modern bungalow sporting a yin-yang color combination. The black and white façade of brick or wood paneling begs for a complimentary black or white polymeric sand color. Remember that the polymeric sand color should complement your surrounding pavers rather than an exact color match. By selecting a polymeric sand color that harmonizes with your home’s exterior hue, you achieve visual symmetry and accentuate existing features, such as window panes, doors, or patio accents.


Do a Trial Run First

Sometimes, testing out a product is the safest way to ensure you’re selecting the best option before making a final decision. When it comes to landscaping materials like joint sand, this may be a challenge. Fortunately, Unilock provides a simple solution. When you visit the Unilock website product listings, you’ll find that select products, such as Umbriano® and our Elegance line, offer a unique feature that allows you to digitally apply different colors of polymeric sand to your pavers. This tool, located on specific product pages, provides a quick visual reference, helping you envision your project without relying solely on your imagination.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can visit one of our Outdoor Idea Centers to see the combinations in person. Additionally, consulting with a Unilock Authorized Contractor can provide valuable guidance based on their expertise in achieving desired results and understanding how different options work together in harmony.



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