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Adding Planters, Pillars, Steps and Walls to Your Paver Project

Flat paver surfaces run the risk of appearing harsh and one-dimensional. When imagining your paver project, think multi-dimensional. Create an environment that is both interesting and embracing with planters to soften the edges, pillars to add a sense of grandeur, steps that take you to the next level, and retaining walls that define outdoor spaces.

Bring blooms into your patio space

Breaking up an otherwise flat area with planters softens hard textures. Place potted plants and small trees near the edges of a patio to blur the lines. Hang plants from higher structures like pergolas and archways. Unilock pavers can be transformed into stand-alone planters, and half walls frequently serve as raised planting beds. Use a combination of both tall and low-growing shrubs to present a softer upper level and balance the hard vertical of the wall itself.

Elevate your paver project with pillars

Pillars heighten the appearance of any patio, driveway, entranceway or gateway. Anchoring half walls with pillars not only helps to define the space, but also to break up hard lines. For something very special, set off your pillars with a fire feature, overflowing greenery, mood-setting lights and even a trickling water fountain.

Take steps in the right direction

Steps are often thought of as a practical feature, but they are so much more. Steps, in straight or curved configurations, can take an ordinary landscape design to new levels. They can elevate and separate outdoor rooms, leading visitors, step by step, into exciting spaces. For the added safety of walkers, light the way by installing soft lights in or along your stairs.

Create outdoor “rooms” with walls

As you design your outside world, consider your separate settings: a relaxing patio, an outdoor kitchen or refreshing pool area. Without definition, these spaces can appear randomly placed – even confusing. Define your “outdoor rooms” with half walls to create structure and assist with wayfinding. From a purposeful standpoint, half walls help to keep erosion under control, but they can also build up visual interest in your landscaping. Half walls can become multi-purpose as planters, raised gardens or seat walls. Choose a smooth, garment-friendly coping to top your half wall, add plush cushions and throw blankets, and you have extra seating for larger gatherings. A curved seat wall around a firepit or an outdoor fireplace creates an intimate environment.

Keep it unified

For a harmonious design, incorporate the same accents, such as the banding treatment, from your horizontal paver surface into your walls, pillars and steps to set your project apart from others.

Planters, steps, pillars and walls are just the beginning. Imagine the effect of adding creative elements such as an outdoor shower, a water feature or archways over your walk. The options are unlimited. Let a Unilock design consultant turn your vision into a beautiful reality.

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