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Dress Up a Retaining Wall with Built-In Planters in Waterloo, IL

Dress Up a Retaining Wall with Built-In Planters in Waterloo, IL


Retaining walls offer separation and a chance to create a beautiful border around your Waterloo, IL, landscape. The design possibilities don’t end here. Add a built-in planter to your retaining wall to give your landscape more color and texture. No matter what the design style of your home is, Unilock has a number of choices to make sure your built-in plant beds blend in beautifully with the rest of your hardscape features.


Choosing the right wall units

The first choice to consider when creating a built-in planter is the type of wall unit you will use for the retaining wall. Unilock offers a wide variety of wall units and colors to choose from for your retaining wall planter. One excellent choice is Lineo Dimensional Stone. This wall system provides a sleek, linear design which marries wonderfully with more modern patio designs. Rivercrest Wall is also an excellent choice for a retaining wall. This wall emulates the look of a stacked natural stone slab wall while offering the durability of interlocking concrete units. This wall unit is tailored for rustic design styles and is available in two colors: the flattering Bluff and Coastal Slate color options.


A wall system with so many options

Instead of taking the height of a wall all the way up to block line of sight for privacy, planters can be used instead. The shrubbery chosen for the planter can be used to create a natural privacy and can serve to soften the appearance of a wall or hardscape area. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is a great choice for enclosing a patio because of its versatility. This retaining wall system can also be used to accommodate raised planters that wrap around your patio retreat. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System interchangeable fascia panels are available in a wide selection of colors and finishes to allow you to accent your patio paver, as well as to include a complementary texture for a seamless design.

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Matching Coping

The next aspect to consider for a beautifully designed retaining wall planter is the coping that you will use to finish off the wall. There are multiple benefits of choosing Unilock coping for your built-in planters. One of which is the longevity of the units. All coping units are resistant to erosion to ensure your planter wall will last many, many seasons.

Ledgestone is a universal coping option available from Unilock. This coping option uses Reala Surface Technology to create realistic textures by casting their molds from actual ledge rock. This unit offers a completely rounded Fullnose Coping style, as well as the more natural, rustic pitched edge. Ledgestone creates a beautiful overhang on the top of the wall, bringing a sense of dimension to the planter. Ledgestone Coping comes in two different colors and multiple sizes, for a complementary finish to your wall.


Take your retaining wall to a new level of elegance with the addition of built-in planters. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in your area today to explore these design ideas and more!

The title image features U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System wall and retaining wall planters.



Dress Up a Retaining Wall with Built-In Planters in Waterloo, IL

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