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Stunning Coping Options for your Retaining Wall and Steps in Pittsburgh

Retaining walls can be used to reshape the contours of your Pittsburgh, PA, property and create multiple levels that separate and structure areas of the yard. Where retaining walls separate, steps connect, ensuring that even spaces on different levels remain accessible to one another. What these two features have in common however, is their need for coping to ensure an attractive finish.

What is Coping?

Coping is the very top layer of a wall and what gives a step its tread. It improves the appearance of walls and gives them that smooth top that is as functional as it is beautiful (an area to on which to sit, hold or lean against when meandering through the garden). Coping can also further enhance the design by adding a slight overhang, widening the top surface of the wall or tread of the step. Traditionally, it also functions as a protective covering for the hardscape structure by preventing water from seeping into the mortar holding the structure together, although this aspect is no longer essential given the high durability of Unilock wall products.
The following are just a few coping option that work well for retaining walls and steps for your Pittsburgh home.

Brussels Fullnose Coping

When trying for a traditional look, or a stone that integrates well with the natural look of your softscape, you may want to consider the Brussels Fullnose coping option. This type of coping adds a nice curved edge to your landscape design. Brussels Fullnose has a fine, worn surface texture that adds soft character and the charm of antique quarried stone. This product is also non-slip, which means it is ideal for both walls, and steps. The colors offered by Brussels Fullnose are numerous and further contribute to its gentle, subtle look, and blend in with a natural, old world style or traditional landscape. With this coping option, you can create any step, wall top or seat wall that will stand out with its relaxed beauty.

The title image features a set of Brussels Fullnose steps and with Brussels Dimensional System verticals.


Estate Wall Coping

For a classic and more rugged look, Estate Wall coping is ideal. This material offers an aged, natural rock appearance that is truly timeless. Create beautiful seats, wall toppers and step designs with this gorgeous accent coping. The earthy colors offered by Estate Wall coping include River, Sierra, and the classic good looks of Sycamore and Walnut.

Ledgestone Coping

Ledgestone coping adds the elegant appearance of hand-carved stone to retaining walls, steps, low walls, seating walls and even pool edges. This universally compatible coping system is available in the colors Buff and Grey and is ideally suited to almost any hardscape color scheme.

SienaStone Coping

If the layout of your property calls for a heavy duty retaining wall system, SienaStone wall units and coping is ideal. This is a bold and dramatic coping option, ideally suited to a contemporary minimalistic look. With each wall unit weighing over 450lbs, SienaStone is as functionally strong as it is aesthetically. Its heavy-load bearing capacity is frequently used in commercial applications but also adds an impressive touch to home landscape design.

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Stunning Coping Options for your Retaining Wall and Steps in Pittsburgh OH


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