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Creating Raised Beds With Unilock RomanWall in Your Greenwich, CT, Landscape Design

Creating Raised Beds With Unilock RomanWall in Your Greenwich, CT, Landscape Design

Raised flower beds can be the perfect way to make use of a sloped lot, or to create visually interesting features within a hardscape. Here are tips for creating raised beds with Unilock RomanWall in your Greenwich, CT, landscape design.


What Is RomanWall?

Unilock RomanWall is a weathered, tumbled concrete building block that offers a wonderful, relaxed appearance perfect for integrating manmade structures into the landscape, and for creating any variety of curved or straight vertical elements including walls, steps, and planters. Taking inspiration from ancient Roman walls, these blocks will add character and a timeless charm to your landscape. RomanWall is available in three natural colors: Almond Grove (a light gray with shades of warmer tones), Sierra (a warm caramel with gray shading), or a very realistic tumbled gray Granite.


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Terraced Raised Beds

Terraced raised beds can tame a slope in a practical and beautiful way that’s been used for centuries. Depending on the size of the slope, you can have multiple levels of plants stacked within arm’s reach or create wider levels that allow room for a small romantic footpath alongside the lavender, roses, shrubs, or annuals that grace your garden.

Although RomanWall can be used for straight-wall applications, it really shines when walls are curved. This not only adds tremendous visual interest to a landscape, but it can also draw attention to natural features, such as when a retaining wall echoes the shape of a koi pond.


Square or Rectangular Planters

Square or rectangular planters are popular ways to add permanent gardens within the hardscape. Planters can serve as dividers between distinct activity areas. A tall planter filled with evergreen shrubs will serve as a privacy wall that isolates a patio from the neighbors. A chair-height planter with a generous ledge can become overflow seating for large gatherings. Or a counter-height planter beside an outdoor kitchen could offer the perfect place for a small herb garden.


Rounded Planters

Since RomanWall blocks come in a tapered shape (tapered toward the back) they are considered easy to install in both straight and curved applications. If you’re a gardening aficionado and want a garden to be the centerpiece of a patio, why not create a central feature such as a wishing-well planter, or two round planters to anchor garden steps?


Water Feature Planters

Create an unforgettable backyard oasis with a water feature made of RomanWall, with plants placed on several levels. Nothing is more soothing to the senses than a gentle waterfall surrounded by lush plants.


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Vegetable Gardens

Raised bed vegetable gardens are much easier to maintain over the long term than ground-level vegetable gardens. You can say goodbye to back-breaking work tending the soil, weeding, or harvesting when everything is at a comfortable height. This approach also minimizes weeds and damage from pests, while creating a tidy and attractive garden. And you never have to worry about replacing raised beds made of RomanWall, unlike raised beds made with treated lumber, which will eventually rot.


Planters with Features

Although it’s not likely you’ll be doing any after-dark gardening, you can still enhance the appearance of raised planters with integrated low-voltage landscape lighting. This will make your raised beds beautiful—and safe—even after the sun goes down!

For more planter ideas, check out the Unilock Idea Catalog. RomanWall could be the perfect solution for your landscape, whether you’re an avid gardener who wants added vertical interest in your landscape or you want an effective way to bring a natural touch to your outdoor living spaces.


The tile image features RomanWall planter retaining walls.


Creating Raised Beds With Unilock RomanWall in Your Greenwich, CT, Landscape Design

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