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Adding Hardscaping to Your Gardens

The green thumb season is upon us. Few things are more captivating and satisfying than lush and beautiful gardens. Whether yours are full of blooms or bursting with produce, adding hardscaping elements to your gardens helps to define the spaces, minimize damage from foot traffic, add vertical interest, and even make maintenance easier.

Build a borderline

Edging pavers such as Tribeca Cobble placed around your garden give it a clean line and help protect it from encroaching grass or weeds. If your garden abuts a patio, walkway or driveway, edge it with contrasting paver styles, colors or laying patterns for a bolder border.

Walk this way

Whether you choose straight lines or meandering curves, a paver pathway around or through your gardens will keep foot traffic away from tender plants. Try placing large format pavers a few inches apart and grow moss or scented creeping thyme in between for a natural look. Appropriately placed stepping-stones are also useful to help keep shoes clean. Place a few inside your garden beds for a clean surface to stand on as you tend to your plants.

Take a seat on a wall

Wall seating around a flowerbed provides a place from which to appreciate the fruits of your labor, or to tend your garden more comfortably. Build your own with a versatile system like the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System for a seat wall that is not only functional, but also adds visual interest to your project.

Raise the bed

Raised garden beds save space, minimize weed growth and make gardening easier. They are typically made from wood, but raised beds made from Unilock wall products are solid, resilient and hold their beauty year after year.

Go vertical

If you happen to have a natural slope in your yard, consider terracing it with pavers and half walls to create layered planters for a striking multi-dimensional look. Pillars can be used to signal the entrance to your garden or to create a focal point within the garden itself. Place a planter of trailing plants on the top or add a lighting feature for ambience.

Thinking of adding character to your gardens with pavers? Unilock can help. Talk to a Unilock design consultant about the endless possibilities today.

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