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3 Ways to Transform Your Norwalk, CT Patio Design Using Retaining Walls


Many Norwalk, CT homeowners are warming up to the idea of creating stylish, comfortable living spaces in their backyards. For many years, when considering what is referred to today as an ‘outdoor living space,’ homeowners and contractors would default to a basic patio built from concrete pavers or natural stone. But with the explosion of outdoor living interest, it comes as no surprise that there are more than a few backyard patios across the Norwalk area that are starting to get a little more love.
One of the best ways to transform a paver or natural patio—be it existing or soon to be built—is with the use of vertical design elements. Adding these elements and creating dimension and separation in your outdoor spaces is easy with the help of concrete retaining wall systems. Here are three ways to add big style and function to your backyard patio.

Take a Seat.

Retaining walls can be used to build seat walls for your outdoor space. A seat wall is a low, freestanding retaining wall—usually between 18”-21” in height—that provides built-in seating for guests. Often found on the outside perimeter of a patio, seat walls utilize products like Unilock’s Rivercrest® Wall which offers a finished texture on both sides of the retaining wall. Seat walls are also a great solution for dividing up large spaces into more intimate, well-defined outdoor rooms.

Light up the Night.

Outdoor Fireplaces are very popular with Norwalk homeowners as they offer a great style, function, and entertainment. Pulling from the strong indoor affiliation, outdoor fireplaces bring a certain element of comfort that’s hard to achieve with any other feature. Retaining wall systems are used to build outdoor fireplaces today because of their design versatility and structural advantages. Whether your home’s style is clean-lined contemporary or rustic country, there is sure to be a retaining wall that will both match your patio and deliver your style preference. Visit a Unilock Idea Center in Brewster, NY (in you’re ever in the area) for more.

The Pillars of Design.

Adding pillars to the entrance of your patio or at the end of a seat wall is another awesome way to add dimension to your outdoor space. Sometimes referred to as columns, pillars are often built out of retaining walls systems, particular the corner pieces which are finished on two sides. Pillars offer the very big plus of providing a great place to put lighting, adding warmth and extending the time you can enjoy the space. The many color and texture options make selecting a retaining wall for your patio pillars that will match not only your patio material, but the exterior finishes of your home. Read this related article on how to make it special.

For more help with transforming your patio, contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor.

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