Choosing Products for Your Modern Style Retaining Wall in Norwalk, CT

Choosing Products for Your Modern Style Retaining Wall in Norwalk, CT

If you are thinking of installing a retaining wall to make the best use of a sloped lot yet you don’t love the sometimes chunky look of some masonry wall units, know that you can achieve a modern aesthetic using Unilock products. Here are tips for choosing products for your modern style retaining wall in Norwalk, CT.

First, decide on the functions your retaining wall will serve. Retaining walls can be so much more than a way to manage soil or give additional usable space on a hillside property. They can be a way to incorporate special features like waterfalls or fireplaces into your landscape. Built-in benches make your space more livable, terraces give you more opportunity for vertical gardening, and walls can also serve to add privacy to your yard.

Once you know what you want your wall to do, start choosing wall units that look best alongside your home and any existing hardscapes. 


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Modern walls are not necessarily minimalist and sleek. In fact, they often play several textures off each other within a single wall. For example, you can mix the highly textured and rustic stacked-stone appearance of Unilock Rivercrest Wall with a contrasting band of Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone—a smooth wall unit that comes in long plank-like sizes—and top off the wall with the substantially proportioned Ledgestone coping. This trio creates a visually stunning wall that is a feature in its own right. Together, these three products give you a lot of design flexibility as well as unparalleled visual interest.


Lines and Shapes

Modern architecture tends to favor straight, clean lines. But that doesn’t mean your retaining walls have to be bound by that rule. Incorporating curves into a retaining wall gives you wonderful options such as creating a fire pit amphitheater with built-in seating, or an intimate breakfast nook. Curves also integrate a retaining wall beautifully into the natural shape of the landscape—and helps soften the hard lines of the home. 

The longer rectangular shapes of Lineo Dimensional Stone naturally lend themselves to linear applications, while the smaller dimensions of Rivercrest Wall make it ideal for curved walls and fire pits.



When it comes to color choices, neutrals tend to offer the most modern approach, especially if you’re trying to tie together your new retaining wall with an existing patio and the home. It’s often impossible to match colors exactly when adding a new feature to an existing landscape. If you already have a satisfactory paver patio combined with a home clad in stone or brick, you may want to choose a retaining wall color halfway between the tones of the home and the patio to help tie the spaces together.

For a peaceful, contemporary look on a steeply sloped landscape, consider installing a multi-terraced and neutral-colored retaining wall that features monochromatic plantings on each level, stepping up from darker plants to lighter plants as the eye ascends toward the sky.


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Finishing Touches

You’ll want your new retaining walls to have a few finishing touches that give them character and a prominent presence in your landscape. Inset lighting illuminates the space around the wall and highlights the wall’s textures. Pillars help finish the ends of a retaining wall on a strong note. You can also add custom features such as a waterfall, niches for special artwork, built-in benches, or mini-terraces that can house herb gardens.


The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone wall.


Choosing Products for Your Modern Style Retaining Wall in Norwalk, CT