What Are People Saying About Unilock?

It’s interesting to hear what people have to say about Unilock®, especially the artisans that design with our products quite frequently. At one of our recent events, our keynote speakers were none other than the designers from Earth Inc. of HGTV fame. Earth Inc. specializes in making outdoor living spaces spectacular and they predominantly cater to the downtown “urban” home owner in Toronto, Ontario. From a design perspective, they really like the diverse color and texture pallet that Unilock has to offer. One of their favorite products to work with is Umbriano® because of its resemblance to natural stone. In addition they commented on how easy Umbriano is to install. Having installed quite a bit of Umbriano and other pavers from our Unilock Select™ line, they have also noticed that the surface color does not fade; something that their clients think is a great feature.

One of the other things that Earth Inc. mentioned about Unilock is the quality of stone for a very reasonable price. “Unilock offers the designer and the homeowner an opportunity to save on the cost of the product and the labor for the installation. This allows them to place a little more money into other items such as arbors, water features and seat walls that really make a project unique.” Saving money is key to any project but not at the cost of giving up on the overall appeal.

To demonstrate this, Unilock is in the process of building a multi-faceted display at our plant location in Georgetown, Ontario (pictures below). This display will feature all sorts of vignettes, from backyards to walkways and driveways. It will be outdoor living at its best. Opening to the public in the spring of 2012, it will be a place to go and be inspired. I recommend that you bring your designer and/or contractor with you, to view all of your options. As well, Unilock will be hosting a variety of events there. Watch for updates on our web site for hours of operation and events.