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Paving Stones that will Never Lose Their Color in Clayton, NY

Paving Stones that will Never Lose Their Color in Clayton, NY


An investment in your landscape is an investment in your property value and your personal enjoyment of your home. The paving stones that you choose for your Clayton, NY patio, drive, or other hardscape should keep their color for years to come, being the significant feature of your landscape that they are. Unilock has a diverse range of pavers with special technology specifically designed to address this issue. By using a two-step procedure during manufacturing that allows for strength and concentrated color on the surface, each of these Unilock pavers long-lasting depth and intensity of color.



One of the most popular choices of pavers with fade-resistance is Richcliff. This series maintains vibrant color, stands up to heavy duty loads, and provides a realistic look and feel reminiscent of actual flagstone. The natural flagstone aesthetic is further accentuated with the shades of Smoke Shale, Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, or an on-site blend of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist. No matter the shade chosen, Richcliff has an extraordinary effect on the landscape.



As the next high-quality paver on our list, Umbriano is visually impressive, slip resistant, fade resistant, and has the subtle texture of honed granite. Choose from among Winter Marvel, French Grey, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Harvest Brown for a hardscape rich with vibrant color that will complement the home. With six size options and a smooth finish, this series allows for a surface capable of handling vehicle loads while being elegant and visually captivating.

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Continue your tour of Unilock fade-resistant paving stones with Courtstone. This cobblestone-inspired series is simply beautiful, unique, and worthy of your landscape. Basalt, Belgian Blue, Pebble Taupe, Dawn Mist, or a blend prepared on-site will create a high-value, original surface marked by depth and functionality. The strength of this series, natural texture of the unit, and numerous sized units allow for an inventive and high end approach to your patio or driveway design.


Town Hall

A larger sized, brick-inspired Unilock paver is Town Hall. Whether your style is colonial, traditional, rustic, or historical, this option will provide a functional option for you. The Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, and blended options make up the color choices. This diversity of color, along with the universal size of the unit facilitates a high level of creativity. Useful for banding, accents, and special designs, Town Hall allows you to create aesthetically impressive walkways, driveways, and patios, and you won’t have to be concerned about the fading of color over time. With a timeworn texture, heavy load capacity, and outstanding fade resistance, Town Hall is an excellent choice for timeless hardscapes.



Senzo is a contemporary take on the fade-resistant paver. High contrast among the shades of Castano, Nuvola, and Cremo and a large size unit make for a range of modern patterns and designs. This contrast won’t lessen or fade with time, even when used for driveway paving that experiences high use. As always, you can depend on the Unilock Transferable Lifetime Guarantee to ensure that these pavers live up to their expectations. In addition to being resistant to fading, this series also resists stains, so you can feel comfortable choosing it for a driveway or a patio. No matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong with the many fade-resistant paver options offered by Unilock.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Richcliff accent.



Paving Stones that will Never Lose Their Color in Clayton, NY

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