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Why Stone Pavers Are a Great Choice for Year-Round Durability in Bristol, CT

Why Stone Pavers Are a Great Choice for Year-Round Durability in Bristol, CT

If you’re investing in a new patio, walkway, driveway, or pool deck, you want the space to look great today and decades from now. It’s all about marrying looks with value, and stone pavers can achieve this. Here’s why stone pavers are a great choice for year-round durability in Bristol, CT.

Not all stone pavers are created equal. It’s important to know what to look for, so you can choose the best stone pavers for you.


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Natural Stone vs. Concrete Paving Stones

The first choice to make is whether to use natural stone or manufactured stone (concrete paving stones). Both are aesthetically pleasing and durable, but they have different characteristics. Fortunately, you can source either from Unilock and be assured of superior quality and durability.

Unilock Natural Stone would give your hardscapes unparalleled character. If you want a completely unique look and love that no two stones are alike, then natural stone could be your obvious choice. No two natural stones are ever exactly alike, even if they were cut from the same quarry. Like fingerprints, each one will have its own unique subtle and/or obvious characteristics and differences. This is especially evident in large formats. You will find large-format sandstone or limestone in walkways, patios, and pool decks. They come in a variety of colors to match your decor and are specially treated to maintain their color.

Natural stone from Unilock will stand the test of time. It is specially treated to ensure low water absorption, which is the number-one way to ensure durability and longevity. All natural stone is porous to some degree. A stone that is subject to Connecticut’s freeze-thaw cycle may begin spalling (flaking) or even cracking. Unilock inspects its natural stones for structural integrity. 


Unilock Concrete Paving Stones  

Unilock manufactured stone pavers are the leading edge of concrete pavers. They mimic the appearance of natural stone, but are stronger, more durable, and dimensionally consistent for unbeatable ease of installation. For example, some homeowners fall in love with the stunning beauty of bluestone, but bluestone must be continuously monitored and cared for. It can spall, chip, and crack. This ends up being a safety hazard and an eyesore, and can be an expensive hassle to replace. Consider Unilock Richcliff pavers, which give you the look of bluestone yet offer virtually indestructible pavers for your outdoor living spaces, and even your driveway.

Another important feature of manufactured stone pavers is color consistency. If an individual paving stone breaks or you want to add on to your hardscape, finding an exact color match with natural stone can be difficult if not impossible. Homeowners may purchase additional pavers from the same batch for this very reason, but that can add significantly to the overall cost.


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Concrete pavers also give you many design options at a more economical cost. Imagine the cost of importing cobblestones from Europe, when you can achieve the very same timeworn look of ancient old-world roads and plazas with Copthorne or Brussels Block pavers.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Unilock natural stone pavers and concrete pavers are guaranteed to be durable year-round. Whether you choose natural stone or concrete paving stones, you can be assured that with Unilock and the expertise of a Unilock Authorized Contractor that you will get beauty, strength, and durability in your new hardscape features.


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth patio pavers with Rivercrest Wall materials for the stone walls and fire pit.


Why Stone Pavers Are a Great Choice for Year-Round Durability in Bristol, CT