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Why Paving Stones Made with Reala Technology Are a Great Option for Your Classic Hopatcong, NJ, Home

Why Paving Stones Made with Reala Technology Are a Great Option for Your Classic Hopatcong, NJ, Home

If you love the look and durability of natural stone to match your home’s traditional architecture, but you want a product that is easier to install, has consistent dimensions, and color, then Unilock paving stones made with Reala Technology could be your answer. Here is why paving stones made with Reala Technology are a great option for your classic Hopatcong, NJ, home.


What Is Reala Technology?

Unilock Reala Technology uses casts are made from real flagstone, clay brick, and cobblestones. This results in a variety of surface textures that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing—except when it comes to a few key features.

One advantage is that in any bundle of pavers, you won’t notice repeated patterns and textures. This creates a wonderfully random and natural appearance on outdoor spaces.

Reala Technology enhances the visible part of the pavers for a random look, but underneath, where the pavers interlock, they are dimensionally consistent for easy and cost-efficient installation.


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Why Choose Unilock Concrete Pavers?

Although natural stone is beautiful and filled with character, it is not for everyone. First, since stone varies dramatically even from the same quarry, it may be impossible to match a color should you want to add on to your outdoor living space or need to replace a broken paver. The only solution is to purchase a fair amount of additional stone, “just in case.”

Certain types of natural stone, such as flagstone, are not versatile enough for use in all outdoor areas (driveways, pool decks, patios, and walkways). Unilock pavers that feature Reala Technology also feature Ultima Concrete Technology, which gives the pavers four times the strength of poured concrete.


4 Unilock Pavers Featuring Reala Technology


Copthorne pavers are inspired by historic European street pavers. These pavers don’t require sealing and come in a traditional brick size for design flexibility, yet they are sturdy enough for driveways and won’t crack or split over time. They are perfect for curved spaces, since their smaller dimensions minimize onsite shaping and cutting. You aren’t limited to “brick red” if you want something more on-trend such as darker colors like Basalt or Steel Blue. You can also mix colors for a completely custom look.



Richcliff pavers are inspired by the natural textured appearance of flagstone, yet they easily stand up to the heaviest traffic. The colors of Richcliff pavers won’t fade thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology. Choose from four earthy colors including Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, and Smoke Shale, which can be mixed for an even more natural and random look. Richcliff pavers offer many design options. Sold in a three-size random bundle as well as an extra large rectangle, laying patterns are virtually unlimited.


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Town Hall

Town Hall pavers are inspired by vintage North American clay brick street pavers. They are larger than Copthorne, making this vintage-look paver ideal for larger spaces surrounding a classic home. These pavers can be installed in the traditional manner, or for permeability; in permeable applications (highly desirable in driveways) the larger joints allow water to seep through to the ground below rather than puddling on the surface, freezing, or running off.



Courtstone cobblestone pavers are buffed to a soft sheen that mimics the look of well-worn cobblestones. They are cast from real European cobblestones, but the dimensionally precise base ensures easy installation. Due to their small size, Courtstone pavers are a great choice for curved driveways or as accents. Available in Basalt and Belgian Blue, Courtstone pavers can bring elegance to your home.


The title image features Courtstone driveway pavers.


Why Paving Stones Made with Reala Technology Are a Great Option for Your Classic Hopatcong, NJ, Home

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