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Which Unilock Wall Units Work Best with Bluestone Pavers in Boston, MA?

Which Unilock Wall Units Work Best with Bluestone Pavers in Boston, MA?


When thinking of adding seating walls, low walls, or retaining walls to your backyard, there are a few things to consider. One thing to take into account is what features already exists in the area where you want to build. Bluestone is a common feature of properties in Boston, MA and has been used traditionally as a hardscape paver and a veneer for home exteriors. So how do you find wall units to match these features? The answer is simple: with Unilock. Here are some wall units to complement existing bluestone features on your property:


Rivercrest Wall Complements

One consideration for your wall system is Rivercrest Wall which has a rich flagstone surface texture. Buff and Coastal Slate are the two available colors, and both highlight bluestone’s various tones. You’ll love the textural similarities that it shares with bluestone and the way the Rivercrest Wall color options complement bluestone pavers.


Brussels Dimensional System Delivers

The New York Blend or Limestone color options of Brussels Dimensional System capture the essence of bluestone’s cool hues with its own, making either one the perfect choice for matching bluestone pavers. This vertical unit allows for multiple options when constructing a wall system. Brussels Dimensional System works well for fireplaces, steps, curved walls, kitchen islands, and other hardscape features.

Other color choices of this vertical system that work well with bluestone are Sandstone, which unlike the previously mentioned options, contrasts with bluestone for a striking look, and Coffee Creek which highlights the cool tones of bluestone with its blended blue, grey and warm colors.

Consider pairing Brussels Dimensional System with Ledgestone coping for an additional touch of texture and the complementary colors of Buff or Grey. This combination can be further enhanced by the contrast provided by Series Black Granite accents. Each of these units complements a different aspect of bluestone, with the grey of Limestone Brussels Dimensional System and Grey Ledgestone matching the color and texture, and the Series Black Granite accents picking up on the darker undertones of bluestone while contrasting lighter shades of the stone.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone Surprises

Here’s one that may surprise you, just because the two materials offer such a different style. Bluestone pavers go rather well with the sleek shadow lines and refined surface texture of Lineo Dimensional Stone. The linear shapes of this wall unit, in combination with its smooth surfaces, create an attractive modern aesthetic that can be used to add a contemporary twist to a bluestone patio. In addition, the color options of Midnight Charcoal, Sierra, Almond Grove and Limestone are ideal for picking out the various blue and grey tones of bluestone.

Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal for low walls, grill islands, planters, fire pits and even vertical water features, and can be used to add to the airy, open feel of a bluestone patio.

A Unilock Authorized Contractor can help you choose an option so you get the most out of your transition from the natural stone look to the sleeker feel of Lineo Dimensional Stone.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System wall in the Limestone color option with Series Black Granite accents and Grey Ledgestone coping.



Which Unilock Wall Units Work Best with Bluestone Pavers in Boston, MA?

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