Using U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System to Add Detail to Your Danbury, CT, Retaining Wall | Unilock

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Using U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System to Add Detail to Your Danbury, CT, Retaining Wall

Using U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System to Add Detail to Your Danbury, CT, Retaining Wall

When you’re looking into having a retaining wall installed on your Danbury, CT, property, you want a finished product that will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. You could go with a basic looking wall, but if the retaining wall is something you’re going to be looking at every day or you need to add interest to your landscape, consider a style upgrade. Here’s how to go about using U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System to add detail to your new retaining wall.

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock is a revolution in wall design that lets you create a one-of-a-kind retaining wall that fits perfectly into your design aesthetic.


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The Red Dot Award-winning U-Cara system consists of two basic components that make it one of the world’s premier wall systems—both easy to install and versatile in its many design options:


  1. Sure Track backer blocks create the inside of the wall and provide a strong and dimensionally accurate structure. These backer blocks feature a unique locking system that allows for easy placement of U-Cara fascia panels.


  1. U-Cara fascia panels provide unlimited design options. Available in 10 colors and five different finishes, you can mix and match not only colors and finishes but also sizes to create a unique wall.


Imagine the possibilities for your landscape! Because the U-Cara Multi-face Wall System is designed to complement other Unilock products, you can be sure that any vertical element made with U-Cara (including fire pits, fireplaces, water features, the walls of an outdoor kitchen, pillars, columns, and steps) will complement your patio and walkway pavers in color, texture, and finish.


Ideas for Your New Retaining Wall

Imagine a basic low seating wall that meanders along a walkway and surrounds a patio. It’s nice, but basic. But by choosing U-Cara, you give this wall character. At the base, you could have substantial proportions and chunky texture of Pitched Face standard fascia panel in Steel Mountain. The material could be repeated in a running bond pattern in the second row from the bottom. On the third row could lie a dramatic line of sleek dark charcoal Black Granite fascia half-panels in a smooth finish. On the top row, repeat the rougher texture of the Pitched Face fascia in Steel Mountain, and top the wall off with coping in the soft Opal color with a fabric-friendly smooth finish and a bullnose edge.

For something with less visual heft and more of a sleek personality that maintains a warm and inviting feel, imagine a low seating wall in a warm but subtle Summer Wheat color with the variegated Umbriano finish on three rows, accented by a warm finishing band of half-panels in Tuscany smooth face finish. This upper row is lit up by low-voltage landscape lighting installed just under the coping, and the wall is topped with a rustic coping such as Ledgestone in Buff.


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You could opt for cool monochromatic modern sleekness with a stacked bond pattern. This approach stacks fascia panels one on top of the other for a strong linear look. Smooth-finished fascia in Peppered Granite form the wall which is accented on the top row with Steel Mountain in a Pitched Face finish, and topped off with the standard U-Cara coping. This approach uses two colors and two finishes to create a dramatic retaining wall perfect for a modern setting.

For more retaining wall inspirations and to see just what amazing things you can do with U-Cara, download the free Unilock catalog or contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor today.


The title image features a U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System retaining wall.


Using U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System to Add Detail to Your Danbury, CT, Retaining Wall

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