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Using Hardscaped Elements to Create a Welcoming Fire Pit Area in your Cleveland Backyard

Having a fire pit in your Cleveland, OH outdoor space is an ideal way to extend the hours you are able to enjoy your patio during the cold fall evenings or get an early start on outdoor living during the spring. The large variety of design options available offers endless possibilities for you to create the perfect fire feature, adding some welcome warmth and ambience for your outdoor living spaces. We know that choosing a design that’s perfect for you can seem daunting, but these tips should give you some inspiration and enable you to find a fire feature that will enhance the effect of your patio and match your personal style.

Choosing the right materials

Using natural stone around your fireplace is one way of achieving a unique and luxurious appearance. With Unilock’s concrete products you can easily mimic the texture of natural stone, keeping the rich color without compromising on the durability or affordability of the material. Concrete pavers such as our Rivenstone and Yorkstone can be used to contribute to the aesthetic of your patio surface, while vertical elements can employ our Brussels Fullnose Coping for a rustic, traditional appearance. Our range of coping serves as both protection and finish for walls and can be used to create additional permanent seating for your fire pit.

Finding the perfect stone

When it comes to choosing the right stone for your Cleveland fire pit the main thing to consider is that it should draw attention to the fire pit while remaining in harmony with your existing patio. The best way to do this is by choosing stone that contains some of the same shades as your patio or other surrounding features in order to unify the design as a whole. The rich colors of Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Stone can offer added warmth to your fire feature, while the tone of the sandstone colors perfectly complement a patio paved with Hollandstone in Coffee Creek or River, for example. If you’re looking for contrasting colors to really make your fire pit stand out, you can use a dark variation such as Copthorne in Basalt.

Which size and shape is best?

Fire pits usually fall into three main shape categories: circular, square or elongated. The circle shape ensures that the fire pit can accommodate a curved wall which can also provide additional seating space and even exposure to heat for guests. Similar seating arrangements can be made with square fire pits, while elongated fire pits can be used to run along the edge of a bar counter or permanent benches. The straight edges ensure a sleek, modern look or formal theme, which can be enhances by using smooth effect patio stones. Unilock have a variety of fire pits and rectangular fire tables, which can be customized to different sizes and designs to suit your preferences.

Placement for visual impact

To enjoy your fire pit to the fullest, it’s important to consider how you might arrange your outdoor furniture around it. Your patio should be an extension of your living area, and trying different combinations and angles can help you to create the perfect area for entertaining family and friends. For maximum visual impact, we recommend making your fire pit the focal feature of your patio.
Using Hardscaped Elements to Create a Welcoming Fire Pit Area in your Cleveland OH Backyard

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