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Top 3 benefits of using Permeable Pavers for your Poughkeepsie, NY Driveway

Whether you are looking to improve the value of your property, or you simply want to give your outdoor space a makeover, using permeable pavers for your Dutchess County, NY driveway is a smart choice. In fact, permeable paver materials work perfectly when reconstructing your driveway, as compared to common products such as asphalt. While we will take a look at some of the key benefits that using permeable pavers for your home’s driveway can offer, first let’s look at the basics.

The Quick Basics of Permeable Pavers

Because of the design, permeable pavers allow for larger gaps between the stones which in turn allows water to drain through the surface into a base material underneath. Rather than rainwater running over top of the traditional asphalt driveway and into the storm water management systems, the water seeps through the permeable system and through a series of open-graded (meaning no small fines) layers of base material. This base layer can accommodate a tremendous amount of water depending on the design of the system. Additionally, the water can be collected and used for things like irrigation and washing cars.
With the basics of permeable pavers covered, let’s move on to the many benefits for Dutchess County homeowners.

Keep your outdoor space cooler

Traditional asphalt driveways found in the Poughkeepsie, NY region are much darker in color than those using permeable pavers. In this aspect, reflection of light is improved with permeable pavers, which prevents excess heat from generating on surrounding areas. As water drains into the ground, the overall temperature of the area remains cooler. This also helps the growth and health of plants in your yard, which ultimately results in better air quality.

Manage issues with surface water run-off

Another benefit you can expect from using permeable pavers is the natural ability to clean water runoff. Once the rainy season starts in Poughkeepsie, the sewer systems can get overtaxed. You can ease this issue with the use of permeable materials that allow the ground to collect water runoff and clean it as it passes through the layers of gravel underneath. Instead of generating dirty water with hazardous components in your yard, you can make sure that the runoffs that are absorbed by the ground are clean. Better yet, harvest that water and put it to good use. Read further on the many uses of harvested rainwater in this article.

Enhance the appearance of your outdoor space

No one can argue with the fact that permeable materials are quite attractive. Unlike your regular asphalt driveway, these permeable paver surfaces are much more appealing and stylish. Unilock is leading the way in permeable paver manufacturing, with many choices for homeowners in Poughkeepsie and the greater Dutchess County region. Learn more about Unilock’s permeable paver line here.

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