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Tips for Choosing the Right Jointing Sand Color for Your Pavers in Medford Lakes, NJ

The function and appearance of your patios, driveway, and walkways play important roles in the enjoyment of your property. If it’s come time to redo these areas, choosing pavers for your hardscape construction is not the only decision that should be considered. Jointing sand is an integral part of the construction, serving as a physical and visual filler between pavers. This material helps to prevent weeds and pests while enhancing the durability of the construction.  Jointing sand remains in place due to its specific composition. Unilock offers homeowners the choice of color, so as you design your patio, walkway, or driveway in Medford Lakes, NJ, consider your aesthetic goals and which color of sand – black, tan, or grey – works best to achieve them.

Highlight the Paver

Your choice of jointing sand can determine which element of your landscape is emphasized. By choosing a jointing sand that matches the paver, the design will minimize the appearance of the jointing lines and highlight the expanse of the surface, rather than the individual paver. With a contrasting color, each paver becomes highlighted and framed, serving to bring attention to the pavers themselves.

Highlight Other Elements

Jointing colors that match other elements within the landscape will call attention to these areas. An accent color on the home’s exterior, for example, can be continued with the choice of jointing sand. For instance, a light-colored jointing sand will call attention to similarly shaded window panes, doors, or patio accents.

Highlight Tones within the Paver

Many pavers are a study in color combinations; few are purely one color. In fact, most are blended tones of brown, grey, red, blue, and so forth. In order to make one shade stand out more than others, choose a jointing sand that complements that particular shade. Take the Umbriano paver in the shade of Autumn Harvest, for example. The use of black sand will emphasize the dark undertones of the paver, grey sand will highlight the mid-tones, and tan sand will blend with the highlights.

The title image features a patio paved with Umbriano in Autumn Harvest with a Midnight Sky accent.


Try It Out First

Trying a product before you buy it is always a great idea, but with landscaping materials, this concept becomes difficult. Fortunately, with Unilock, you can evaluate the appearance of the jointing sand with the paver of your choice via the website. Each color of jointing sand can be applied digitally to the paver of your choice providing you with a clear look at the result. With this tool, you won’t have to rely on imagination to make your decision. However, be sure to consider the choice within the overall landscape, including existing hardscapes, softscapes, and the home itself. Alternatively visit one of our Outdoor Idea Centers to see the combination first hand. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will also be able to help guide your choice. Achieving the desired results can be as simple as consulting with one who knows the precise effects of certain choices and how options work with one another.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Jointing Sand Color for Your Pavers in Medford Lakes, NJ


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