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Tabletop Fire Pit versus a Custom-Built Fire Pit for your Mississauga Home

Incorporating a fire pit into your Mississauga, ON, hardscape will not only warm countless chilly evenings, but also add ambience and intimacy to the area. However, with the great variety of designs available, selecting a fire pit can be a challenging task. One decision that will need to be made is whether to have a contemporary fire table or customized fire pit. Each features bears its own benefits and design prospects, some of which we’ll now explore.

Tabletop fire pits for modern flair

The sleek geometry and understated design of most tabletop fire pits make them excellent candidates for modern hardscape designs. These fire features are also seen as chic and contemporary as they look quite different from the classic deep fire pits with which most people are familiar. A rectangular fire table can be surrounded by upholstered sofas with clean geometric edges for the look of modern luxury. Modern furniture selections also incorporate neutral colors, cleverly utilizing dashes of copper and other more vibrant colors.

Unilock materials for linear tabletop fire pits

For homeowners seeking the chic elegance of a tabletop fire pit, Unilock offers a range of excellent materials for the job. Lineo Dimensional Stone wall units have clean edges and smooth surfaces perfect for creating a sleek geometric fire pit. They are also available in a range of subtle tones that are not only versatile, but are the staple color components of most modern patio designs. Unilock also offers Rivercrest Wall, which mimics the irregular shapes and textures of a structure constructed from stacked flagstone. The color variations available are similarly neutral and are compatible with many modern patio designs, while the rugged textures add interest and variation to the fire pit or fire table.

The versatility of custom built fire pits

Each custom-built fire pit has been customized to bear its own unique design paired with an equally unique selection of materials. For example, a fire pit can consist of the same block from which other elements of the hardscape have been constructed and bear similar accents or banding patterns. The walls of the fire pit can be a range of different heights depending on how ‘open’ you would prefer your fire pit to be. The width of the walls around your fire pit are equally customizable and considerably wide walls can double as seat walls to accommodate a few more guests or offer a place to rest and warm the feet.

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Unilock materials for custom-built fire pits

Brussels Dimensional Stone, which is available in a range of earthy color variations, can be used to create understated, yet stunning, fire pits. The antique look of these wall units contribute a time-worn element to the patio design. Copthorne pavers pair well with this wall material and can be used to create eye-catching accents. Rivercrest Wall can also be used to create quaint, rustic fire pits for generously vegetated landscapes and hardscapes that utilize the tranquil effect of natural stone. The sandy undertones of the Buff color variation make the vibrant greens and blues within the surrounding surrounding softscape ‘pop’, while any nearby flames will cast light onto the pavers and can transform them into a deeper, richer color.

The title image features a patio paved with Richcliff pavers, with Unigranite accents and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.

Tabletop Fire Pit versus a Custom-Built Fire Pit for your Mississauga ON Home

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