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Style Your Retaining Walls with Plantings in Hamilton, Ontario

Style Your Retaining Walls with Plantings in Hamilton, Ontario


Unilock retaining wall units offer plenty of room for creativity when it comes to achieving a stunning landscape design for your Hamilton, Ontario, home. The aesthetics and quality of these wall units go beyond the traditional and purely functional, and achieve rich character and supreme structural stability. The best details to match to Unilock retaining wall units are those offered by nature herself. Here are some ideas to further enhance the appearance of your retaining wall by adding carefully selected plantings:


Rivercrest Wall and Grass Terraces

Natural stone provides an earthy aesthetic, however it’s not always the most practical for constructing long-lasting retaining walls. Rivercrest Wall from Unilock offers you the character of stacked flagstone along with the affordability of concrete. Because of its two neutral colors options, Buff and Coastal Slate, this wall unit serves as an excellent asset to your landscape, providing the perfect backdrop for vibrant greens. The rugged texture of Rivercrest Wall, can be complemented with the fine, wispy lines of decorative grasses. Imagine, for example, multi-layered terraces, each lined with gently swaying reeds against the backdrop of the vibrant stacked flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall. Consider a collection of different types of grasses to add a range of different colors. Silver highlights, bright greens and blue-green shades are all complementary to Rivercrest Wall’s sophisticated color options.

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StackStone and Climbing Vines

Providing a traditional look, StackStone wall units from Unilock are ideal for constructing circular planters or retaining walls with sweeping curves. This wall unit offers three colors, the subtle grey of Granite, a blend of blue and hints of red with Mahogany, and the desert gold of Nevada. These shades can be used for creating statement-making retaining walls, and are all the more characterful when combined with greenery. Climbing vines will add a new dimension of detail to your StackStone retaining wall. The split rock surface texture of StackStone is ideal for allowing vines and creepers to spread vertically over multiple levels of your landscape. Perennial vines will add color and greenery to the wall in spring and summer and create interesting lines across its surface during winter when the vine loses its leaves.


Pisa2 and Shrubs or Trees

Pisa2 is a highly reliable, hard-wearing and stable wall unit for retaining walls. This wall unit can be used to create a retaining wall that is visually bold and will serve as a wonderful focal point of your yard. Pisa2 offers a wide array of colors, from warm, earthy tones to cooler colors and universally compatible neutral greys, ideal for bringing an old-world look and feel to your home. Because of its large size and bold character, broad-leafed shrubs and small trees make an excellent complement to Pisa2. That said, finer details, such as overflowing, flowering shrubs are also excellent for softening Pisa2’s dramatic character. Pisa2 also offers a scale that is appropriate for complementing larger, more mature trees. The texture of Pisa2 will accent the bark of gnarled tree trunks and contrast with the plainer textures of smooth-barked trees.

The title image features a Pisa2 retaining wall in the Nevada color option.


Style Your Retaining Walls with Plantings in Hamilton, Ontario

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