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Showstopping Fire Pit Options for the Perfect Focal Point in your Kitchener, ON Landscape

No landscape design is complete without a focal point that friends and family can gravitate around during gatherings late into the night. While any fire feature will fill this gap splendidly, a fire pit is a particularly good option for your outdoor gathering spot for a number of reasons.

Rebel Against Winter

The roaring flames of a fire pit are a large drawing point for the inclusion of this feature in your outdoor spaces. Fire has a mesmerizing intensity that creates a delightful atmosphere, as well as a social element that dates back to the stone age. Fire pits are particularly adept at recreating this campfire atmosphere with their open-aired design. An added bonus is that a fire pit inherently allows these social gatherings to continue well into the winter months, inviting guests to huddle around the flames, laughing with warm drinks and roasted marshmallows.

Showstopping Custom Designs

Fire pits can be crafted from a variety of materials. Heat resistant brick and stone are good options, however, a more effective way is to use concrete products.
Pisa2 is a hardy product perfect for constructing exquisite fire pits, either in your backyard or on the patio. While made from concrete, it has an authentic weathered rock look. With a myriad of shapes and colors available, it can be used to craft a showstopping fire pit that looks like it belongs in a countryside manor.
Want a more present-day feel for your fire pit? Lineo Dimensional Stone is a concrete product befitting a modern landscape with its sharp and precise aesthetic. The blocks have a smooth, tidy appeal to them, elongating spaces visually with their horizontal plank shape. A fire pit constructed from Lineo Dimensional Stone makes the ideal focal point for a contemporary landscape after the warmth of a fire.

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Fantastic Fire Pit Kits

Homeowners that don’t feel the need for a custom built design will be pleased to find the ready-to-assemble fire pit kits available from Unilock. Suited to a variety of outdoor design styles – and no less appealing and well-built than a custom design – fire pit kits are fantastic as additions to existing landscape designs.
The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is built from the elegant Rivercrest Wall, a concrete product that looks exactly like natural flagstone. If you’re looking for an old fashioned fire pit, this will suit you perfectly.
An alternative option is the Sunset Firepit Kit. This is created from the extremely popular Brussels Dimensional Stone wallstone system: concrete wall blocks with the look and feel of age-worn natural stone.

Safety First

Once you’ve made the decision to enhance your outdoor space and spoil the family with a fire pit, ensure that not only is your design perfect, but your family and guests’ safety taken care of as well. Consider contacting an Authorized Unilock Contractor for the design and installation of your custom fire pit, or for advice on installing a fire pit kit, to ensure your fire feature is safe and sturdy.

The title image features a fire pit built from Brussels Dimensional Stone, complemented by an Artline and Umbriano patio.

Showstopping Fire Pit Options for the Perfect Focal Point in your Kitchener, Ontario Landscape

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