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The Perfect Wall Units for Matching, Highlighting or Contrasting your Bluestone Patio in Boston, MA

Bluestone is a popular paving choice due to its timeless beauty and satisfying textures. Authentic natural stone also serves to boost the value of any landscape. However, it is important to ensure that your hardscape design is cohesive and that the different materials within it complement one another. Building seat walls, fire pits, and pillars using the following Unilock products will allow your vertical elements to ‘grow’ from the patio floor, rather than having them appear separate.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone may be a surprising choice to complement bluestone, as these wall units are relatively smooth and do not reflect the textures of natural stone. However, their smooth faces create brilliant contrasts beside textured bluestone surfaces and can also help to balance modern and rustic aspects of the hardscape.
Consider incorporating another natural feature into the space where the wall units and bluestone are paired. For example, installing a small and understated water feature into the Lineo Dimensional Stone wall can help to create a more natural transition between these uniform wall units and natural stone. The cool Limestone color variation bears similar hues to those found in bluestone and can help to create a cohesive design.

The title image features a grill island built with Lineo Dimensional Stone, complemented by an Umbriano paver patio.


Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall mimics the look of stacked flagstone structures that have been used to construct walls and pillars for centuries. Rivercrest Wall bears all of the character and versatility of natural stone, with ultra-realistic flagstone textures obtained through Reala Surface Technology. The sandy Buff color variation pairs excellently with bluestone, exploiting the striking contrast that forms when combining warm and cool colors. Adding a Burgundy Red Copthorne border or banding can personalize the design further and round off the color palette in an interesting way.
The Coastal Slate color variation, which is a cooler shade of grey, alternatively blends with a bluestone patio or walkway. This color combination can create a harmonious hardscape design, while the authentic flagstone textures of Rivercrest Wall will also serve to complement the textures of bluestone. Creating contrast adds interest and dimension to the color palette of a hardscape, but this can also be achieved through furniture, decor, and other structures, like pergolas.

Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System is an incredibly versatile wall unit and is offered in multiple sizes for the construction of a wide variety of structures, from steps to curved walls. These wall units have a weathered, timeworn look that pairs excellently with natural elements like plant beds and rock arrangements. The warm Sandstone color variation can create an eye-catching contrast similar to the one created by Buff Rivercrest Wall units.
The New York Blend variation is fairly cool in color and slightly smoky, making it similar to bluestone and allowing the two materials to blend seamlessly into one another. The Coffee Creek shade is another good option, as it pairs the cool blue hues of bluestone with subtle shades of pink and red that add interest and warmth to the design. Ledgestone coping is adorned with pleasant textures that also complement natural stone surfaces and can be used to cover the top of the wall or pillar. Buff Ledgestone Coping is light and sandy in color and will highlight the darker shades of both the wall units and the bluestone surface.

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The Perfect Wall Units for Matching, Highlighting or Contrasting your Bluestone Patio in Boston, MA

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