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Pavers To Match Your Patio Theme In Doylestown, PA

Unilock has established an extensive variety of concrete pavers to ensure that Doylestown, PA, homeowners find products that suit their hardscape, regardless of its aesthetic theme. Here is a breakdown of pavers to consider for some popular design styles.

Rustic and Unrefined

Copthorne pavers are known for their warm, almost timeworn surfaces and rich color variations. The earthy shades in which these pavers are available can make any hardscape more vibrant and never fail to bring surrounding plants to the forefront. Copthorne pavers are excellent candidates for rustic, suburban driveways. They are easy to replace and are also imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology that makes them four times as strong as poured concrete.
Brussels Block pavers are not only incredibly strong, but are also timelessly attractive thanks to their classic, weathered surfaces. By pairing these pavers with more modern materials, you can create a perfect balance between vintage and modern aesthetics. Shiny metal appliances and luxurious upholstery, for example, pair well with these pavers. They are available in a range of subtle shades and can be used to create a quiet, elegant canvas upon which brightly colored items like furniture and accent pavers are able to ‘pop’.

Modern or Contemporary

Artline pavers are linear, with clean edges that are perfectly compatible with contemporary hardscapes and the geometry they express. Although these pavers have precise edges, they do bear variations in color, with some pavers being darker or more speckled than others. These subtle gradients result in visually intriguing surfaces and a more unique patio floor.
Umbriano pavers are popular candidates for modern patios due to their pin-straight edges and sophisticated finishes. They are also available in a range of neutral shades that fit in perfectly with current trends. The cold Midnight Sky color variation pairs stunningly with the vibrant greens and browns of lush lawns and plants. It also pairs well with the bold, red brick structures that are often used in contemporary designs to achieve an industrial look.

The title image features a modern patio paved with Umbriano in French Grey.


Ethereal or Bohemian

Ethereal hardscape designs refer to those utilizing natural, unrefined materials but straying from the rugged textures found in rustic aesthetics, leaning towards elegance instead. For example, where large block-like pavers would be used in rustic designs, thin slabs of finely textured, high detail natural stone would be used in ethereal designs.
Richcliff pavers mirror the shades and textures of natural stone perfectly, making them excellent candidates for ethereal poolsides and patios. The Dawn Mist color variation, for example, can be paired with the warmth of distressed wood and unrefined white fabrics with coarse textures. This results in a sophisticated design that still bears a relaxed atmosphere and organic beauty.
Thornbury pavers have natural surfaces that are as convincing as they are gorgeous. They are available in neutral shades and are guaranteed to withstand fading thanks to Enduracolor Facemix Technology from Unilock. These pavers are also permeable, which means that they allow any rainwater or melted snow to permeate through the paved surface and return to the underlying ecosystem. This prevents both the unwanted accumulation of water on your patio floor and the wasteful run-off of water into drains.

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Pavers To Match Your Patio Theme In Doylestown, PA

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