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How to Choose the best color for your Mississauga, ON Patio Paver Project

Mississauga Paver Patio Project: Choosing a Colour
Designing your landscape project can be an exciting time. There are many elements that require research and planning to ensure you get the perfect results. From selecting the right plant materials based on the amount of sunlight you receive, to picking the right outdoor furniture for your new patio in hopes of maximizing your entertaining options. However, one part of the landscape design process that stumps a lot of people is selecting the perfect colour of paver for the patios and walkways.
Today, pavers are available in a wide array of not only styles and sizes, but also many contrasting colour choices. Gone are the days when you would visit your local stone yard and have three paver colours offered to you. Today when you visit that same stone yard, you will have over 20 choices from solid colours such as black to colour blends that mimic natural stone.
One of the first thing to consider is the colour of your Mississauga, ON home. Generally speaking, landscape professionals recommend against trying to math the colour of your home with the colour of your paver (ie: a red paver with a red brick house), as the material of your home and your pavers will not age the same way and therefore the colours will not continue to match years down the road. Instead, look for pavers that compliment your home or compliment other accents around your home such as retaining walls or fences.

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Another factor to consider when selecting a paver colour is what exactly your patio will be used for. A pool deck, for example, will often be used by people with bare feet—therefore, you would not want to use a dark paver that will retain heat. If you are adding to an existing patio area, you may not be able to exactly match your existing paver so you will need to consider using a different paver and perhaps using banding to bridge the two spaces together. Working with a landscape design professional will help ensure that your project is cohesive and functional fro start to finish.
Aside from the colour of the main paver, soldier courses and banding are also very popular. Introducing soldier courses in a contrasting colour can be very effective in helping to highlight and make a patio more interesting. You can take cues from objects such as the colour of the roof or colouring in the stonework or accent colours in the architecture as potential options for soldier coursing. Alternatively, soldier courses can be laid in the same colour as the main pavers, offering a monochromatic look with just the textures contrasting.
Unilock offers many great colour combinations that not only compliment their own products such as their retaining wall and pillar products, but also work well in a variety of outdoor living settings. From the solid colours of the Courtstone paver, to the Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe blends of their Richcliff paver, the Unilock products have limitless design possibilities that are perfect for your Mississauga, ON landscape design.
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