Ideal Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers to Incorporate into your Swimming Pool Area in Cincinnati & Dayton OH | Unilock

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Ideal Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers to Incorporate into your Swimming Pool Area in Cincinnati & Dayton OH

The summer months turn any swimming pool into a hive of activity. Kids jumping and diving, screaming and playing while the adults try to relax. During this time you will want your Cincinnati or Dayton, OH swimming pool area to be the best it can be can, both fashionable, functional and safe. Incorporating retaining walls and non-slip pavers are both great options for ensuring an optimal swimming pool area.

Pavers for Safety

While running around the pool is never advised, when kids, and sometimes adults, get over excited, slips and injuries can happen. Be sure to choose materials that have a non-slip surface to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Also, consider using color variations to define the border of the pool area. This instinctively lets people know they are entering a potentially wet and hazardous area.
Brussels Fullnose is a coping option ideal for your pool area. Its rounded edge make it comfortable for hands and feet and make it perfect for placement around the pool. It also slip resistant, providing you with secure footing. Use Brussels Fullnose in combination with Richcliff, Thornbury, Brussels Block or another Unilock option of your choice for a safe and stunning poolside setting.

Support Your Yard

Retaining walls are ideal for surrounding your pool or demarcating your pool area, and can contribute to both appearance and practicality. They can be used for holding back sloping ground, prevent rainwater from washing debris into your pool or simply add an interesting multi-layer design to your pool area. Another advantage of adding retaining walls is the opportunity they provide to showcase quality concrete vertical blocks from Unilock and introduce warmth, character and rich texture into the setting.

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Modern or Classic?

The visual effect of your retaining walls should be taken into careful consideration. Would you prefer them to contrast or complement your pool area? What design theme would you like to model? And what colors would you like to highlight or introduce?
Estate Wall is a classic design option for your poolside wall with a natural quarried look and weathered surface. This block is ideal for introducing character and a touch of rustic elegance into your pool area. For those seeking a modern look, Lineo Dimensional Stone has clean angles and a linear design perfect for a tidy contemporary feel. Lineo Dimensional Stone is ideal for creating low retaining walls housing neatly cropped plantings that make a modern landscape design.

An Investment for the Future

While providing the authentic look and feel of natural stone, these retaining wall blocks and pavers by Unilock are manufactured with extreme long-term durability in mind. This means that when it comes to the particular demands of a swimming area, Unilock pavers and wall stones are perfectly suited to the job and will uphold the structural integrity and aesthetic of your yard and pool area for decades to come, boosting property value and your personal enjoyment of your landscape.

The title image features pool surrounds paved with Umbriano pavers, complemented by a Rivercrest Wall outdoor bar.

Ideal Retaining Wall Blocks and Pavers to Incorporate into your Swimming Pool Area in Cincinnati & Dayton OH

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