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How to Create a Retaining Wall with Character in Waterloo, Ontario

How to Create a Retaining Wall with Character in Waterloo, Ontario


Depending on the design and the materials you use, you can transform your landscape into a tranquil space or an exciting area for entertaining friends and family. One element that can effortlessly add character to your property is a retaining wall. Aside from its functional purpose, a retaining wall constructed from Unilock wall units can help give your landscape structure, character, and color. Here are some ideas on how to do just that:

Color and Texture

Color and texture will ultimately be the defining elements of your retaining wall or low wall system. As such, careful attention should be paid to choosing the colors and textures that best suit the landscape design. With Unilock wall units, such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, you can select from a wide range of colors and finishes. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System also allows for the easy replacement and reorganisation of the individual fascia panels for a quick backyard makeover. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System features classic color options, such as Summer Wheat, Winter Marvel, Harvest Brown, Almond Grove and Opal Blend, as well as finishes that include Pitched Face, Smooth Face and the Umbriano Finish.

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Make sure the retaining wall fits the design as a whole

As with any other hardscape element, the materials and style of your retaining wall should match, complement, or enhance the home, as well as the style and coloring of the rest of the hardscape. Consider, for example, pairing Rivercrest Wall with a paver with a flagstone surface texture, such as Beacon Hill Flagstone, to achieve a rustic yet elegant style. Or match wall units with timeworn appeal, such as Brussels Dimensional Stone, to homes with a historical flavor.


Add sweeping curves and natural contours

Although a retaining wall system serves a valuable function in the landscape, its design need not only be functional. Sweeping curves and natural contours can help to make your landscape design appear more relaxed and organic. For this sort of design, tapered wall units will be required. Consider a wall unit such as Pisa2 or StackStone, both of which accommodate curved retaining wall designs with their precision-calibrated tapered units.


Think about the size

When adding retaining walls, one should consider the height of the wall. Remember that specific locations require permits for retaining walls that are 4-feet or higher. In addition, wall units should be selected based on their load-bearing capacities. A retaining wall that is too high or large might be too much for your landscape, and multiple terraces may be a better option. On the other hand, large, impressive structures may be exactly what is called for. These can be constructed using characterful yet heavy-duty retaining wall units, such as SiennaStone.


Banding and Accents

One sure way to add character to your retaining wall system is to incorporate multiple colors or textures. This can be achieved using a single wall unit in two complementary colors, such as Lineo Dimensional Stone in any two of its four mutually compatible colors – Granite Blend, Sandstone, Midnight Charcoal, or Sierra. In this way, the wall may consist of a primary color and a color composing the banding. The color chosen for the banding should ideally highlight surrounding hardscape elements or continue a recurring motif.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with a large Pisa2 retaining wall system.


How to Create a Retaining Wall with Character in Waterloo, Ontario


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