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How a Retaining Wall System can Benefit Outdoor Entertainment Areas in Bloomfield, MI

How a Retaining Wall System can Benefit Outdoor Entertainment Areas in Bloomfield, MI


A retaining wall can be an effective solution for issues related to sloping ground, such soil erosion and drainage. Building up your property and stopping the loss of topsoil due to erosion can pay dividends in property value and create an environment that is more hospitable to lush plant life, but the advantages aren’t limited to the quality of the property itself either. The addition of a retaining wall system can improve your outdoor entertainment areas in Bloomfield, MI in multiple ways as well.


Frame the Area

Your plan for your outdoor entertainment area will begin with a defined space. Just as every room in your home has walls to define the area, a retaining wall system can define the patio or other hardscaped area where you plan to entertain outdoors. By choosing Unilock wall systems, you can also complement existing structures and landscaping. Being able to frame the outdoor room and enhance the home’s aesthetic makes creating this wall system beneficial to layout and appearance of your landscape.


Enhance Privacy

Adding a retaining wall system can also enhance the privacy of your outdoor entertainment areas. A retaining wall system, such as Pisa2 can be used to hold back a slope and carve out a sunken area for a patio that is obscured from the line of site of neighbors. In addition, the wall can be used to section off plant beds where plantings can be used to create a living privacy screen.


Extend Usable Area

Yet another advantage that comes from installing a retaining wall and building up the property is the increase of usable space. You can extend your patio, making room for a fully functional outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, plant some flowers, or other landscape feature with the use of a retaining wall system. In addition, retaining wall systems from Unilock, such as RomanPisa allow for the creation of multi-level entertainment spaces.

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House Flowers and Plants

Providing room for flower and plant beds will add ambiance and beauty to your outdoor entertaining areas. During the summer months, incorporate the scent and wonder of colorful blooms with the use of retaining walls and raised plant beds. Wall units such as Rivercrest Wall, with its rich flagstone texture, can be used to complement the natural beauty of a lush softscape.


Add Seating

Finally, you’ll be able to welcome more guests to your entertainment areas with the additional seating provided by a seat level retaining wall system, such as one built from Estate Wall. Regardless of the functional purpose of your retaining wall, this side benefit stands to greatly improve your outdoor entertaining prospects. Be sure to choose rounded edge coping to finish off your wall, such as Brussels Fullnose Coping from Unilock, for a comfortable seat and a strong and dependable structure. Ledgestone coping, too, makes an excellent coping option for permanent seating. Ledgestone is available as a Fullnose Coping option, as well as a regular edge.

The title image features an Estate Wall retaining wall and permanent seating.




How a Retaining Wall System can Benefit Outdoor Entertainment Areas in Bloomfield, MI


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